St. Patricks Cathedral in Manhattan

Serenity-A man absorbed in prayer 

St. Patricks Cathedral


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39 thoughts on “St. Patricks Cathedral in Manhattan

  1. Nice choice, but there are, of course, two in the photo, even though you only see one. 🙂


  2. Awesome composition!

  3. How peaceful and calm everything seems in this pic…lovely shot and timing..:)

  4. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  5. WOW!! Inspiring comment. Thanks.

  6. Not easy finding serenity in a “city that never sleeps”

  7. thephotoseye on said:

    Excellent capture!

  8. I love the lines interrupted by the man. Poetic photo.

  9. Wow! I like the composition – strong and simple at the same time.

  10. Lola Jane on said:

    Great to see this photograph — a unique perspective on the Serenity challenge. Thank you.

  11. Really good example.

  12. The powerful emotion of prayer was captured in a beautiful perspective.

  13. A perfect interpretation of the theme. Great picture. Very real and resonant.

  14. Such a moving photo…

  15. Prayer, the greatest serenity, and faith, the strongest belief, you have captured them both.

  16. Bravo! A very poignant and emotion laden photo. Thank you for sharing your dramatic artwork.

  17. ShantanuChandra on said:

    This could also be a part of Weekly Photo Challenge : Symmetry.
    Just saying

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