Shadows down a walkway


Shadows along a walkway

On a crisp bright afternoon in Queens, New York.

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38 thoughts on “Shadows

  1. Love the curvature the bridge gives it’s shadow.

  2. Love the leading lines you made with this one. Well done!

  3. Thanks for your complements

  4. great capture especially with the contrasting colour of those trees in the background. Similar to mine but MUCH crisper 🙂

  5. I like this photo…the shadows of the railing and the colors made me want to follow more and to well, walk this walkway 🙂

  6. superb picture !!

  7. Those shadows really make it interesting! Did you notice that at the time you took the photo or later when you reviewed them?


    • Well, I always look before I snap, I kind of imagine what it would look like, move around and try to get the best composition. Did that answer your question?
      Thanks for your interest.

      • That sort of answered the question. I always look too, but sometimes I don’t realize how stunning it will look until I review it later. Sometimes I see it right away though.

        It doesn’t matter. The picture turned out great!

      • You are right. This is getting into an interesting conversation. This is a very deep subject, may be I should explain myself in a blog post.

        Did you know that the mind is bombarded with about 2 billion bits of information every second and our 5 senses filters through them, based on our upbringing. and beliefs ?? !!

      • I think that would be a good post!

        I can believe we get bombarded so much. Which would be why some days I feel so overwhelmed, other days not so much.

      • Thanks for getting me started !! I will let you know when I post it. And. feel free to contact me anytime. Great conversations never take a back seat in my world.

  8. Peaceful. I was surprised that it was taken in Queens.

    Thank you for posting.

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your wonderful comments… You have some really fine pics on your blog…

  10. I love lines and I especially like the curved lines and shadows.

  11. You did a good presentation combining curves combined with the shadows in this photo. Thank you for “liking” my photo post on Comparing Size Relationships.
    Carolyn Cornell Holland

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