The mosquito




So many dreams have I dreamt…but yet, here I am

To you I may be minuscule, which, I do not see

Who or why I am what I am, I do not know

For all my lapses some say I have come down perhaps octillion lives, where even the count of money is yet to arrive. Just may be at that time, I may get to see that ray of light when women, men or something else says… I am an octillionier… where such a word is yet to exist.

What my fate is I don’t know….  May the greater forces give me grace, so that I will be humble and real lowly for my fates sake! Give me strength to be a prey for something larger than I am today. For in that act of willingness I may ascend, even though the climb is way, way beyond the horizon, which I cannot see

But today, for some strange reason- perhaps an auspicious augury-I appear before you. Look at me more that once, the more you see me you will see, and that even I shine glimpses of my creator’s glory.

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33 thoughts on “Perhaps…

  1. He looks beautiful, but I would smack him in a heartbeat!! Mosquitos just love me–but I do not reciprocate the feeling.

    • This is exactly why I wrote what I wrote…..Who really know what happens to us all. And most of all I’m quite sure none of us what to trickle down to be a mosquito and then have the arduous task of getting back up-if there is such a system in place-to where we are and then progress up further.

  2. What a beautiful shot.

  3. Might just be the prettiest fly I’ve ever seen. One dang nice photo there buddy!!!

  4. Beautiful close-up!!

  5. That is an amazing photo. 🙂

  6. Love how you captured that iridescent shimmer.

  7. That is an amazing capture!!

  8. Great close up and excellent detail – perfect for the challenge. It’s gonna be a great day!

  9. Really nice shot. Love the angle of view.

  10. Wow…I’m in awe! Beautiful capture. 🙂 And very thought-provoking words. Or more like spirit-provoking words. Thank-you.

  11. Good capture of the iridescence.

  12. Wow, the rainbow of colours on the wings is mesmerising. The wing goes from being transparent to displaying the magical colours I remember seeing from spilt petrol on water when the sun hit it. This brings back so many thoughts and feelings. I love the layers to your work. There is always so much contrast to fuel the viewers the imagination. Thank you.

  13. I would never dream that some day I would say a mosquito is beautiful. Lovely pix

  14. You have managed to capture a fly as beautiful. Wonderful post.

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