His and hers shoes

The night…

It was still young!!


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39 thoughts on “The night…

  1. I want those! :’o

  2. I love the picture of opposites but the best was the caption! That added a whole new dimension to it 😀

  3. Ooh! I love this!

  4. So clever!! I really like this picture, it makes you wonder of the story behind those shoes.

  5. Such a classy look. Nice!

  6. Absolutely perfect!

  7. Love the shot and the creativity.

  8. Hey, thanks for your time and like 🙂 .

    The click is awesome and must say, a creative way of looking at the theme 🙂 . Curiosity bug as to what made you click this one :p

    • Thanks for your comments…..

      And about my pic and why I took it….hmmm,trying to think!

      Ho ya….I guess to provoke a conversation and sometimes I like to have fun with these challenges.

      And when I have some time to spare I really like to go to town with it and as long as those that visit me an I like it, thats all that matters.

      Thanks again!!

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