The future -Looking down the barrel

Looking down the barrel

How would it all end up being…?


An old man sits on his porch gently rocking back and forth, perhaps just to ease the pain of old age, or… is this how he drifts off into his distant past, maybe listening to his fathers voice badgering him to study hard… or else! Or could it be the pleasant melody of his mother’s love and tenderness!

Don’t we all imagine that stage sometime of the other?- Those waning stages of our life, how would it be, really how would it be? Would we be happy or would we be sort looses of life? Would we be satisfied soul with dreams we dreamt that were fulfilled, or would there be unfinished aspirations waiting to be satisfied. Hopefully its not be due to fears or mistrust in ones own ability that lay collecting dust! Have we been at peace or did we wage bitter wars with who we really are? What about the ones around us did we mingle and live in harmony or were we in constant battle? For in the end it’s not what we have achieved but what we remember!

Regardless where we are on this road of life, this is something we need to think about… not to procrastinate and put it off for some later date, before its too late. And if for those that have already arrived at that rocking chair stage, now is the time to place in your rear view mirror thoughts that pleased you best. Regrets can never change thing of the past. All you can try to do is live in rest. So rock on, the new beginning is soon to come….!!

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32 thoughts on “Looking down the barrel

  1. VERY cool image. Good advice about procrastination. But I’m afraid I’m the master at it.

  2. Kreng Jai on said:

    So beautifully worded and captured☺

  3. The photo is so good, and so suitable for the topic of this weeks challenge. And you have a very poetic way of writing about life. Very nice post all together.

  4. “Rock on” . . . I like that. Thx for the words of wisdom.

  5. Thanks… you’ve just helped me make up my mind to send off a CV for a very specific job in a very specific location… rock on! 😉

  6. ‘Rock on’ is absolutely right!

  7. Really cool image and such a relevant post. There’s a pop song out right now by Lukas Graham called “7 Years” and it touches on a very similar thing, except the singer is looking forward as well – to the time he’s sixty – & wondering what it’ll be like. We make the moments now (or maybe we don’t?) and those decisions have implications on the future, don’t they?
    Thanks for writing a motivating post!

  8. That image is amazing, and your words are so melodic.

  9. This is an awesome post! For in the end it’s not what we have achieved but what we remember, so true! The photo also says so much of what we remember. Brilliant!!

  10. What great words, just what I needed to read today!

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