Eternity is a journey

 A girl who ran away from home…

You had it all, the pomp and show like a fairy tale they said, but what do they know, she sees differently! They only see what they want to see, but she experienced it!

In a place where the rich and poor divide is so stark, wealth is not the only thing. Physical hunger the body suffers, far greater though is inward famine, and it depleted both body and soul.

Believers they think what they like to see. The riches they build walls around you where glaring faults pale and turn invisible, leaving you in turmoil, like a tarnished soul you are rendered helpless.

Oh sensitive girl where goodness was your weakness, the sounds at home have been deaf to your cry, you’re yearning for true love and affections from dad and mom, sisters and brothers. All of then soaked in greed in spite of plenty. You garlanded them with pearls, like pigs they laid.

For the outside world to see they glittered you with riches gold, silk and fragments-and the unfamiliar world they stared with envy. Even the close ones they never could see, all blinded by the power and position of her people in high places, and not her, and never knowing the tatters underneath. How pretty they make it look and now the world will never believe what’s left behind in its wake.

You had a hunch from past torments that when riches are to be divided, they would find a way to deceive you with forgery and deceit. Leaving you to fend for your loving family that you have made, never teaching independence, only false pride, hate and treachery. First they handicap you with burdens they couldn’t carry, so now they are yours to bury.

We know how forgiveness looks to you…week and impotent, makes you feel like a push over!! Myth’s meaningless reality echo from the teachers of the past, your childhood guardians, they wear it like brave generals as though they have fought gallant wars. Programing you with misguided notches about forgiveness.

You are lonely, fearful, dejected and never free. Forgiveness is not forgetfulness; it only allows you to turn the page, freeing you from that tormented child within your soul. Don’t take your horrors to bed, for they turn into images stained. May dreams soon turn sweet, nightmares are petulant, beware!

Your past is your present, so now make the present delightful for that will be your future. Don’t carry that load any more, like leaching bitter toxins it blends into every thing. May your dark clouds turn into rain, cleansing you free with no refrain! May it turn into blue skies and sunny days and moonlit starry nights!

Here at this stage you experience love, in a far distant land you have made it happen, like a far, far distant past, it has happened once again. But your sadness no matter how much you hide, they find their way into the ones you most love. The memories within your every cell you have given to your most treasured ones. What is done is done now you need to rid them off in some clever way. No matter how hard it seems it is there for you to clean the slate.

Soon it will be the next journey, the distant past, how quickly memories fade. This is the time you have returned after so many attempts. Don’t dwell in the past; hence you repeat your fate once again.

In this life you can relate to dreams. Dreams are there within our sleep only vivid when we awaken. But then they disappear like a piece of ice under a scorching midday’s sun. The truth is, it has gone, but once upon a time for just a brief moment it was center stage.

Birth to death and death to birth are like dreams, its past is present like residue, which keeps us guessing as to why we bear the scars. Only leaving us to do it again. Resist I say, seize this moment in time, it is yours, remember all tribulations are your past deeds and misguided wishes, because you asked for one without the other. Now it is time to be vigilant.

You are clever don’t touch it with soiled hands, you need to shine for your loved ones sake. They are all watching, waiting and eagerly delving for your success. You are a loving soul with a stormy past.

Now begin to realize you were a child, all that existed then is no more and it is only in your mind. Like one drop of curd tunes a whole ocean of milk into the former. Find the frame of reference of happiness and see how your world will turn into a wondrous applause from heaven. It is your destiny, it is your fate and birthright, your loved ones will soon multiply so be happy, and it is required.

Let the waters run freely, stagnation is not for keeps. Abundance is free when you touch the source, for it lies deep within you. Hone your skills and keep growing for that is the key to never to repeat.

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18 thoughts on “Eternity is a journey

  1. Wow!! This is such a great story. I love it!

    • The fate of some woman in India, regardless of their position in society. It is real from prominent powerful politicians to regular families in society.

      Thanks Lena, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  2. This is intense, good job!

  3. The inward famine and deceit of Riches – such a thought provoking piece – and I just read the comment snout the fate of women In India – wow –
    And the opening photo with the snapshot of those expensive blinds and then all this reference to seeing – quite a post here!

  4. Thanks for visiting….just to be clear it is not all woman in India there are some very honorable families, a few regardless of their position stoop to the lowest and here is one such family.

    There is a documentary by the BBC about woman in India get burnt alive for not getting enough dowery. India is in many ways a paradox, brilliant minds and those that loose it.

  5. I agree with all the comments, what a wonderful piece!!

  6. Why do I feel she ran away from home and now finds herself in an unsafe place peeking through the blinds at the threatening world without. I guess it could be she found a home in suburbia where she spends days peeking through blinds into the lives of others.

    In any event a thought provoking post. Thanks for sharing!

    • The human experience is a very hard aspect to delineate, I feel. Sometimes I tend to ponder where blame should be place.

      In the end-speaking for myself- I take responsibility for almost everything that happens to me.

      I have begun to believe that once I take all the responsibility, in a strange way I take control of everything that happens to me….. I hope that makes sense.

      Whether it be childhood abuse or trauma, now as an adult one has to respond to it and resolve it before we move on. For unresolved issues stay like a thorn in the flesh never allowing the roses to be admired.

  7. heavy duty, dude!!

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