Street Artist

He did his part…

Now it’s her turn!

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7 thoughts on “He did his part…

  1. This is really cool – the title tied in so well for his cool moment in the sketch! Also – it reminds me of the street artists in NYC – usually 1 out of 3 of the artists can actually draw! Lol

    • Actually this was taken by the Brooklyn bridge. The guy with this lady was standing and watching the picture being drawn.
      I guess the way they draw on the street every thing is a comic portraiture, so any thing will fly….I guess!!

      Thanks for stopping and commenting!

      • Well almost anything will fly – or so we thought – until once we had some tears with one of our kids because it was so bad and we went for a redo – and then had another one so bad he had to get help- lol – but the price for this street art is so cheap and sometimes the convo w the artist during the process is more of the experience – hmmm

      • LOL!!! That was really funny….Can you imagine the kid in tears, that must be terrifying and shocking for the kid. Hope it doesn’t effect him/her as an adult. Sometimes these thing can have life changing effects in the future. I just hope not for the kids sake.

        By the way, you have a wonderful way of writing.

      • Oh it was a small matter – lol – and young kids are resilient with the write convos and love – ha! And thx for the compliment ! – that was super nice ! Have a good night!

  2. Clever choice for the challenge!

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