Torneau clocks

Time Machine

 57th and Madison Ave.

It’s The Tourneau Time Machine with clocks representing different time zones around the world. Late at night it stands out, just wonderful to look at.

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39 thoughts on “Time Machine

  1. This photo is perfect for this weeks challenge. Great!!

  2. Great photograph for the theme and wondering if human can invent a “Time Machine” that transports through time in future. May be possible, I think.

    • Like they say, if the mind can imagine it it could be done. Just imagine 200 years ago, how humans thought, would they have believed we can fly or better yet me for New York typing this note to another part of the world.
      Just think of it!!

  3. Oooh, I love this!

  4. Agree with Lena, and how nice to see those analog clock faces.

  5. A very nice take on the challenge! 🙂
    Best regards from the North,

  6. Amazing! What a great choice for this week’s challenge!

  7. Perfect! An array of time machine. 🙂

  8. What time is it, anyway?

  9. Oh my! I have (almost) the identical title!! Now what is it they say about great minds… 😉

  10. They look magnificent, very sci-fi!! An absolutely appropriate title and a perfect shot 😀 😀

    • Thank U much Mithai….!!!
      And….hmmm….isn’t it passed your bed time?? :+) 😀

      • Yess it is!!!! Lol 😀 😀
        Even though I had said it in my last blog that I’m trying to go to sleep early and wake up early…….but I guess its not gonna be possible till I finish college!!!!!!!
        Today I had a seminar, free food packets!! 😉 😉
        Have one tomorrow as well…..more free food packets!! :p haha

      • Oh wow, Luck U!!
        I bet it must be something very delicious….:)

      • Yeahh it was really good!! 🙂
        Breakfast was pretty normal…..sandwich and some snacks.
        Lunch was chicken and prawn fried rice with chilli chicken lol.
        I don’t know if this sounds boring but fried rice and chilli chicken are my all time fav….I order it when I go out and also for home delivery lol 😉

      • So now I know….By the way, is the Chilli Chicken hot? I love hot food.
        Sounds amazing, I am getting hungry!! Prawns, I just love, especially with a thick gravy, and with rice, it is absolutely stunning, thats me of course.

      • Ummm not that hot……it was kinda moderate way so that everyone could eat it without running for water lol 😉
        I tooooo love prawns!! As you said, with a thick gravy and rice!! I like them barbecued also!! 😀 😀
        Cheers to fabulous food!! Haha

      • We are on the same page…
        And if you go to a Thai restaurant in N.Y., never challenge the Chef, meaning-I’d like it very hot- he or she will kill you….

      • Haha wow its gonna be like one of those episodes of man vs food lol!! :p :p
        Thai food is wonderful btw 😀

      • Do you like Thai food? I just LOVE IT!!

      • Yeahh I do!! The time we visited Thailand, we were staying at a hotel with a terrace restaurant which had kind of an open kitchen. My mom learnt to cook some dishes from them. We still make them in our house. On the day we were leaving they served us some extra dishes for free. Thai people are very nice. I guess all the Mongolian people are very. Maybe you are sitting down and they are walking in front of you, they will bow down their head. In out busy day to day life, we often forget about courtesy.

      • They have a lot of virtues thats for sure….

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