A bouquet of flowers

Presented to us for New Years…..

Thanks Brenda and George!


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19 thoughts on “A bouquet of flowers

  1. Very nice and warm light in this picture!

  2. A beautiful and vibrant bouquet!

  3. Great entry for WPC-Vibrant!

  4. Vibrant beauty!

  5. I think there are many angles you could have given us of this lovely bouquet – but I find this one striking – there are three flowers lined in a row and the flow from yellow to red and then pink comes to the viewer – the cropped pink one adds to that coming to ya feel – and just such a nice feel for all three diverse and almost staking their own claim – and side note – this is my favorite kind of arrangement – my sis loves long red roses but a mixed bouquet is my thing – so your friends get a thumb up from me!!!

    • Thanks you very much for your descriptive comments. It looks like you really took an in depth analysis of the picture.

      I really appreciate your wonderful feedback.

      • Yes – well not too in-depth – ha! And from the reader it just looked like another floral post – well I liked the blur and yellow – but truth is I am quite tired of some of the flower posts and so scroll on by – pretty and all – but u know….anyhow – when I clicked on your post it really has this nice feel!

      • Again….I’m so, so glad for your interesting words. Now I have something to feed on in the future, thats photography of course, especially flowers.
        Do come often,you are most welcome.

      • Thanks for saying that about the welcome! I actually followed u with my other blog and am glad our blogs connected again.
        Have a good week

      • Have a great weekend…

  6. Its beautiful … gives a bright and cheerful feeling. 🙂

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