The egg

An Egg…

The Beginning?

I am what I am

And I will be who I am as long as I believe what ever I am.

In this world I came, as I am, just a clean slate that someone else wrote and scribbled on. And like an innocent sponge I sucked up all that was dished out like a hungry innocent fool, that became my accepted point of view.

Like all begins, we are at the mercy of the hands we are given to. And by the way,  who or what is this giver of us innocent souls.  Some of us, we are adorned, celebrated, pampered and cherished. And there are those that are in the hands of torment, disdain, horror and sorrow. For many, it is a mixed bag of mix and match.

The mystery is…why!!! Why did we land up where we did? Was this our past, from a different life or is it just Luck, like some would like to frame it that way? Whatever be the reality, it is for us to face.

Now we are tumbled through series of changes-tarnished, garnished, tinkered, blemished, hindered, explored, pampered, influenced, celebrated, helped, honored well…  there is no end to the adjectives; you know where I’m going with this!

Soon we are left with a life to solve, some less while others more and then there are those that they just cannot we strive to deal with what we’ve got. Overwhelmed with questions that we need answered. We search for solutions with our hearts and minds to sort out quandaries we don’t know why we have.

For here is where the secret is… Change your thinking, you change your life! For it is that shifting of our paradigm that we are stuck in, and if we do, we solve, resolve and become victorious over our life. And for it all to yield us grace, we need to first decide, some find it in GOD and there are others that find it through sheer WILL and determination.

But ultimately, it is the real understanding of what real optimism and positive thought really means, not meaningless platitudes.


Photo challenge


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28 thoughts on “An Egg…

  1. Good thoughts and good still life photograph. Nice choice for the challenge.

    If you like, you’re welcome to come visit my challenge at:

  2. There is something so satisfyingly simple and graphic about this image.

  3. great shot, loved the tones of light in the shot!

  4. Your egg photo inspired me to take some egg photos, I woke up with a vision of egg so I started to play then post. Then I noticed your pic and remembered looking at it the other day.

  5. OK, but the egg came first!

    • That is the big question for many the chicken or the egg…..
      Who laid the egg?

    • I was reading in an article that researchers have concluded that technically the chicken came first. More like a chicken was ‘evolved’ from another species through mutation. And then it finally laid a chicken egg lol 😉
      Anyways so that’s how the million dollar question was finally concluded 🙂

      • I guess we have resolved the age old riddle. Having said that many in the east believe that life is an illusion. And I tend to second that concept. Recently I was looking at an article about how the future is formed. It is fascinating. Hence… the ‘Power of Positive thinking’ was born!!

      • Wow that’s quite a powerful concept!! Forming the future with our positive thoughts!! Wonderful!!
        You know according to quantum mechanics, our thoughts are energy generated by brain impulses.

        That means anything that has energy has mass.
        So our thoughts also have a weight which no matter how small.
        So if powerful enough, thoughts can actually bring a difference.
        Maybe this way we can say, thoughts are not abstract, they have an existence 🙂

      • I have no doubt about the power of thought. Have you ever noticed when you are with someone that encourages you, you can achieve more and when you are in a negative environment things don’t happen as positively as one would like it to be.

        I not only believe, I know that thoughts are things, so use it wisely.The Indians are the masters of it.
        Take sound for instance, humans are capable of hearing sound that vibrates from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, anything beyond that we cannot. Which means that there is so much more out there that we in our present state cannot sense. So if we expand our higher senses we will be able to sense much more than we can do. Remember we only use 6-8% of our brain and if we even increase it by even a smidgin we become supernatural or geniuses So Mithai, start trying…..

      • Okkk trying from this moment onwards!! 😉 But thank you for the inspiration, in olden days some special groups of people used to practice increasing brain power,
        the sages in the forest. Maybe some of them were successful as well 🙂
        Dolphins use highest amount of their brain and till today humans can’t make advanced echo locator like them.
        Yess with a bit of more brain capacity we can do absolutely miraculous things!! 🙂
        Have you watched Lucy? Its a really nice film on this topic.
        And I too believe to try to surround yourself with positive people, it definitely increases your creativity & output!! 🙂
        And you yourself are a very positive person, its wonderful to be friends with you!! 🙂

      • Amazing about Delphines, see I learnt something for you now.

        The last time I was in India, a guy told me that during the Golden or Satya Yuga people used 90% of their brain. People didn’t need to speak, a lot was transmitted telepathically. In fact he said, people didn’t need transportation, they did it mentally. I sounds fascinating!! Now we think we are advanced, all we are is dependent on something else.

        And by the way it is believed that there are people with that capability in the himalayas still roaming around, they have such powers that they appear and disappear when ever they want. They are thousands of years old. Can you imagine…I wonder if it is true….Shockingly amazing!!

        And Mithai…Thanks for the wonderful words!!

      • Yess I’ve heard it too about 100 years old people with supernatural talents in Himalayas. I hope its true….we can learn a lot from them. And its also said that some incredibly powerful herbs specially ‘sanjeevani’ which can bring back people from very critical conditions…… is still there lost in some of the untreaded forests. A lot is still left to learn and rediscover 🙂
        Very shockingly amazingg!!

      • I bet I can sit ant talk with you for hours and think it was a minute….Amazing!! It really is!!! 🙂

      • I’m sure that would be truly very fun!! 😀 😀

  6. Nice pic. Un oeuf is un oeuf!

  7. Firstly that’s one of the best pictures of an egg I’ve seen 🙂
    And it was very thoughtful piece to read 🙂

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