The Feather

Today I have become just chaff… As light as I am, I get blow away for even the slightest whisper.

Before I became a tiny part of a large down comforter I was plucked away from a graceful swan.


Her large strong wings took us to distant places, migrating to temperate spots to get away for the cold. She was graceful, kind and gentle, she laid her eggs in marshy lakes where tall grasses grew. When the time was right she sat and kept her eggs warm and protected. Soon they hatched, several of them. Like all mothers, she cared for her young, feeding them, teaching them and finally letting go of them, to live their lives as free as a bird.

But unfortunately for her, she was captured for someone’s fancy. They rudely used her for her feathers, and I happened to be one of them. I was washed, cleaned up and treated with all sorts of chemicals, and was bundled up and set to a factory. There they stuffed us into cloth that make a great big comforter. It looked wonderful and fancy.

I know I keep bodies warm, but do I deserve this fate…

What do you think?



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30 thoughts on “Chaff

  1. What a great presentation!

  2. Great story that made me think of things I (we?) usuallt don’t think about because it is a common thing. We people do a lot of things we probably could do a lot better with nature in our minds.
    Thanks for the thoughts and it is a great post for the challenge.

  3. No….humans can manage fine using plant products to clothe themselves and keep themselves warm….no animal or part of an animal needs to be harmed.
    Beautiful but sad post

  4. Feather in a second life warming another creature seems fine. It would be nice if its first owner lived a long, fruitful life and died of old age.

  5. Murtagh's Meadow on said:


  6. Magnificent! Love this take on the challenge. 👍

  7. Neat memoire of a feather personified.

  8. Beautiful words, light and resonant.

    • Oh WOW…. Thanks for visiting, hope all is well with you, haven’t heard from you in a long time.
      And of course your wonderful comments makes it even more brighter and enriching.

  9. You are incredible in personification 🙂
    And I hope one day the world can get over animal cruelty.
    Any cruelty for that matter!!
    Hope you are having a great weekend 🙂

    • Speaking of the weekend. we just got about 8 inches of snow, so now I have to shovel my driveway to get the cars out. Luck for us it is going to get above zero so some or all of it will melt.

      Thanks for all your wonderful comments, they are sweet and tender as you are….”LOL”!!

  10. Great post! I wrote a article about the appetite for foie gras, but your post is more compelling.

    • I’m glad you find my post compelling enough. I know for us to change is quite difficult, but knowing what we do in order to have all the comforts we should not evade the facts. Then maybe we will think before we indulge. If that makes any sense.

  11. Such a great angle to consider the feather from. Super post!

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