The little note book

The Little Notepad

 Daddy – O …

This is the story of a man that had much more than most of us… or so did it seem. He was willing to walk away from his everyday life on a sabbatical, and soon he found himself walking through steep narrow paths of the mountains of Himalayas in search of god knows what! But search he did, with hope in his heart, yet no satisfaction in it. He had traveled thousands of miles and each step he took it felt like he was imagining to see some cross-legged Guru on the mountain to give him a magic portion in the form of a mantra, perhaps, like so many tend to believe.

Soon his time had come and gone and his daughter that he adored was grown up now and on a sultry Saturday summer afternoon when her kids were out playing, she began cleaning up her draw and among it she finds a box. In which was stored some things very precious to her which she dared never to see. On which it said ‘Daddy’s stuff ‘. Finally, on this particular day she had found the courage to glance through his priced belongings. She began to rummage and finds an old note pad that had seen better days, and began to read a crucial part of it, underlined in red ink.

“My God it is Daddies hand writing” she whispers under her breath and began to read…

Love is a voice from deep with in, a yearning that captures every soul

We all seek it in different forms, some understood, but many unacknowledged.

Who wins or who looses is up for debate. To each and everyone it means something different. Some may find it, clinging to it never to let go. Many deprived, may never know what it really it is. Emotions mixed, misplaced and many a time leads to fits of rage, turning into caged beasts longing to be set free.

But I say, the one that really understands it is the one that receives this one feeling we call LOVE. it can never be taken only received. The want for Love is so eager to be quenched by all. Love drives us to do so many irrational things. Longing for touch, sensation and ultimately the longing for fulfillment of this deep desire.

Really, is this what it should be? Is it greater than freedom? Is it larger that life? Why do I crave it so much? And does this dilemma turn to danger? A danger so far that we take drastic steps! So now the question arises, what is it? Are there more quizzical questions that have been taken over by explanation points than answers?

Have our selfish egos turned Love into an enigma? A paradox it might seem at times.

Soon these riddles tear us apart and we lay on couches, paying or swallowing capsules as a solution. Running from one expert to another for remedies, not realizing we have taken more than we have given. Selfish hearts squelched with sadness, anger, rage and misery!

The wise ponder with diligence, soon freeing themselves through a tangled mess. Alas, there may be an answer. Suddenly, like somewhere in the distance a voice it says….  Look at what governs it all, that mystic law that we seek and think to be so far away, it is there, right there, right under my very nose… It exists in the cycle of breath. Don’t you see it? I do it, never ever even thinking about it! And if I look really closely, I observe that all things around my functions on that same principle. Look at the ocean, there is a tide that comes in and goes out. The leaves die in autumn and come back in spring, I can go on and on to show myself that this principle exists almost in every aspect of my life.

Like that manna from heaven, collect only what you can consume, for if I hoard more that I need it rots and decays, so don’t take more than I need. I should try to master the art of living, be in the now, for tomorrow never exists, it is always today that I experience. Where is tomorrow, it really never exists.

In the end I need to realize, understanding is keeping it simple, breath-by-breath, step-by-step, the million miles that seems so daunting can be achieved in an ordinary fashion. Every step turns into the next, I should be only involved in the action, just be calm, unattached and keep it simple Sam!

In the end…Love is giving, giving is receiving in the form of inward joy; only the ones that have done it will know it… Have I? Sacrificing is not suffering, so is not all taking an enjoyment. When love turns into a stimulant we get embroiled. May lust not replace true love nor should it be the other way around. Sure sex is lovely, I have enjoyed it may a time, but, never should it be the means to it all as I thought. It is a strong biological need I have circum to it as a man, but at the same time let me not alienate it either, just only give it its place, its due respect and time. May it not cloud my thinking for the journey of life can become long and weary! Understanding my own thoughts and feeling can be paramount, I am beginning to realize I am my own teacher, because me the student knows all that I have been through, the feelings, emotions that have lead to sorrow or joy, only I can recall and solve, and no one else.

I don’t clam to be religious, but to understand love Dad said-“Read 1st Corinthians chapter 13”- The depiction of love is put so well.   Sometimes stopping and rethinking could be the solution for me, especially with my upbringing, where results are everything. Winning is king without it we are dejected, dry and empty.

In the end, what am I really seeking, have I found it yet-LOVE-Is it that?  If it is, examine it, and soon I will realize that the answer lies within me. No teacher, no Guru can answer my calling, it is me and only me; I should be my own Guru for an eager student like me. And soon I will be as light as a feather listening to the inner whispers of my own voice, then true Love will blossom and I will be found, not by craving or begging to achieve. It beats in my heart and in every cell that is born today. Soon I will begin to see it, live it and love it, I am Love, the greatest victory of them all.

Looking out the window, she had a gaze so as to say…Wow, so that was what my Daddy! That was what he was all about! She had transported her self thousands of miles and back, walking in her father’s footsteps for a short while.


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6 thoughts on “The Little Notepad

  1. That was very well written!

  2. nicely done!! Love the first photo…shallow depth of field

  3. Thank you for sharing your eloquent writing and beautiful story. Love the image.

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