Ajmer, Rajasthan, India, candy shopkeeper

A Candy Shopkeeper

A caring store owner

 Ajmer, Rajasthan, India

Walking around the market place in India this is one of the stores that caught my eye, it felt like this shopkeeper took so much care and paid attention to ascetics that I was driven to snapp a shot.


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26 thoughts on “A Candy Shopkeeper

  1. He keeps a tidy shop.

  2. He does look a bit of a neat-nik! Good choice

  3. There’s something very pleasing about the rich colours contained in those shiny glass jars.

    • I think those are candy in the jars. Ajmer is a great place to visit. I had one of the best yogurt drinks at this city, it is called ‘lassie’ and they served it in small little clay pot.

  4. what an amazing ambience here, filled with contrast – the cheerful colours, and the serious shop keeper…

  5. I miss seeing shops like this. That is a great capture, great composition!

  6. Maybe it’s the angle, but the way it looks from here, the entry is very narrow. Lucky most Indians I met were slim by nature 🙂
    Loved the colors.

    • What I feel is, when they commence business they bring out all their displays and place them in front, with the shopkeeper inside, with a very small space to enter and exit, which I think they minimize.

      Another thing is, there is no such thing as government or zoning specs like we have over in the U.S. For small stores like this they just invest the little they have and they open a store.

      • Thank you for explaining 🙂 I didn’t know that. In a way it sounds like a much simpler life there…

      • Yes life is much more straight forward, but there is too much corruption from the ground up…. Cops, government officials can be easily bribed. Let me put it to you this way, even the corruption is straight forward.

      • Well, anything human-related has a down side, and what you said not only makes sense but could also be expected. That’s life, the good and the bad always go together.

  7. Wow, it looks like it has been painted, how the colours just gently merge with one another!

  8. Perfect moment in time. Love the colours as always, they tell their own story in your pictures. Thank you for taking me to this place, I can sense the scent and sounds from this natural shot.

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