A humble coolies home in Bangalore, India

A humble dwelling

A hut in Bangalore, India

This is a home of a coolie in Bangalore, India. Usually these homes are thrown together  very quickly usually on the side of the road or a vacant space such as this one.

Many collies in Bangalore do most of the construction work. When they are on a job they shack up in temporary homes such as this and when the work is over they move on. to the next.


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35 thoughts on “A humble dwelling

  1. This is so bloody ordinary it’s sad.

  2. I think people who live this way are extraordinary!

  3. The colours are so wonderfully, defiantly cheerful.

  4. I love how bright the clothes are!

  5. Love your take on the theme. Very nice composition!

  6. Look at those colors. And the rocks holding down the roof. Says a lot.

  7. Can’t imagine how people live under this condition with no hope for better life…

    • Well, it is a norm for many…..

      • so very sad…

      • Yes it is very sad from our prospective living it the U.S., but for the Indians it is a different prospective, meaning that everything is from a karmic stand point. So one should wonder is there any truth to it or is there something else. It is a puzzling question to answer……

      • Thank you for explaining. A friend of mine traveled to India with a group of people. Every day they brought one kid from the street to give he/her a shower at the hotel. The day before they left India, they were asked if they’d give a pair of shoes to a person on the street, and they did. But, there were (are) probably millions on the street…

      • It was nice of them to do that, thats the case everywhere in the world. This place we live in is full of imbalanced distribution of power and wealth.

        Take for instance the U.S. there is a huge number of people in antidepressant, one needs to ask the question…. Why? We as human have come to a point where in reality we don’t have to hunt and struggle for a meal, yet there is so much hunger. We clam that we are civilized, yet we are at war amongst us……

  8. Read the comments. Felt that I should provide my point of view as an Indian. The philosophy in India is different from the one in the west. It’s not that people want to live in poverty. It’s just that people not only look at those wealthier than them but also at those who are at a lower station than them, which makes things somehow a bit bearable. As stated in one comment – the karmic point – that is also a philosophy..rationalizing things based on the theory of this life depending on what good or bad deeds one did in previous birth. It is difficult to explain in one comment here. The faiths and beliefs are very different from the western society and therefore what appears strange to you is normal for us..

    • Ah and one other interesting thing is the colors .. despite everything, we love colors in our lives..as you see even in the photo..probably that’s to tell Life that we will tackle you boldly and happily 🙂

      • Thank you so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it. Not only India has its problems, it everywhere. Remember, there have been so of migration over thousands of years and many invasions in India’s vast illustrious past. A reexamination of the theory of the Arian invasions is over due……

    • Yes, one needs to understand that India is an ancient land that has journeyed far, understanding the what, where and how its path has been over time is critical.

      India is based on a Vedic tradition, and many attempts to remove it has failed. As humans we still have a long way to go, or as Buddha said…..Life is filled with suffering, and for those who snicker at it will soon realize the truth of it.

      This post has provoked lots of emotion. So we as people have to examine ourselves as to why it is…….

  9. undoubtedly, a good woman is taking care of this humble place -washing clothes for the family (I see children’s clothing), sweeping, cooking…and there’s a bicycle for transportation. But I shudder to think what it is like to live in such a place when the monsoons hit….

    • You read my mind…….Or perhaps we observe the same things!!
      Thanks for adding new dimension to this post. It feels like this picture has a million words to say……
      Really thought provoking.

  10. You found the lovely in what many would view as desolate.

  11. You and I both seemed to see the extraordinary in laundry (to vastly simplify things!) last week! 🙂

  12. Beautiful pictures. 😃❤️ loving them all…

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