Strawberry fields

Strawberry Fields

In Memory of John Lennon

This is Strawberry fields in Central Park, New York, and right across the street is where the Great John Lennon was murdered right in front of his residence-The Dakota building- on December 8th 1980.

As far as I’m concerned I nominate ‘Imagine’  by John Lennon the greatest song of the last century. I wonder how you feel about it?

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45 thoughts on “Strawberry Fields

  1. It certainly is a good song. Maybe his best, but I’d have to give “overall best” a lot of thought. I miss him though, that’s for sure.

  2. His death was a huge loss to the human race.

  3. A timeless song of hope and image to match.I love Central Park!

  4. I love that song.😊

  5. One of the best songs of the last century, for sure. Still remember where I was when I heard he’d been shot.

  6. I’m a fan, and Imagine is right up there in the top five for me, along with some Bob Seger and Dylan stuff. Did it seem like a happy place?

  7. Definitely a song for its time which has become timeless. “Imagine” draws heavily on the Eastern mysticism which so influenced all the Beatles, and through them, all of us.

  8. I’d have to agree 🙂

  9. One of my favorite. I always seem to get teary eyed. Love all the other comments.

  10. It is a wonderful song, so simple in sentiment yet so difficult for many in practice. Your post took me back to a photo I shot at Strawberry fields a long time back and great travel memories. Thank you! R.I.P John Lennon and may your songs live on forever!

  11. I agree wholeheartedly! No matter how many times I have listened to his songs, they still touch my heart every single time.
    My reader has missed your posts, I just re-subscribed it.

  12. A person whose music continues to influence so many. Lovely post. Thank you.

  13. I think you’re right.

  14. Visiting NYC this week, and just paid homage.

  15. Marvelous photo. Glad you liked my weightless entry.

  16. Just seeing this now and I’d vote the same way as you!

    Inspires me to write up my experience on that day……….

  17. maristravels on said:

    Near the top for best, that’s for sure,but I;m always reluctant to choose ‘the best’ of anything. Do you know Strawberry Fields just outside London?

    • Thanks for you kind comments…
      Yes I have heard of Strawberry Fields outside London, but I have never been to it.
      I decided to pick Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ because of the profound lyrics. It is the Idea of peace that we lack. It is the image of love and understanding of all that is so appealing to me.

  18. thanks for liking my post.

  19. Beautiful post. A great memoriam.

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