Brooklyn bridge closeup from Dumpo

Brooklyn Bridge

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52 thoughts on “Brooklyn Bridge

  1. Your featured photo is especially beautiful. Love the gold against blue.

  2. I totaly agree with J.B. Whitmore, so beautiful.

  3. Beautiful photos.

  4. Wonderful composition! Makes me very homesick

  5. Never been to New York City. But that bridge is one I’d definitely like to see!

  6. Amazing shots! We chose the same subject, but your photos put mine to shame- the difference between a tourist with a camera and a professional! Well done!

  7. A blue sky is always a great backdrop – but your subject – the Brooklyn Bridge – is impressive. Great photos. Thank you for sharing a slice of New York. Enjoy the week ahead.

  8. Wow these pics are very intricately taken!!
    The architectural beauty is so strongly captured 🙂

  9. Really nice captures!

  10. I have seen dozens of photos of this bridge, but that first one in the header…that one is just marvelous. And funny…I have never seen the bridge in person.

  11. Beautiful shots 🙂

  12. Amazing photos of the Brooklyn Bridge from many angles the average person would never notice. It gives me a whole new appreciation.

    • I’m so glad you liked it…I have photographed New York so many times for years and each time I drive or walk around around I find new takes of the this bustling vibrant place.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  13. I like the golden light on the bridge. Given the sides that the shadows are on, I take it that you shot in the evening from the NYC side of the bridge.

  14. I like the golden light on the bridge.

  15. One of David McCullough’s books that I have not yet read is ‘The Great Bridge’ about the building of the Brooklyn Bridge. Your images make me want to go out and get a copy to read. Great Pics!

  16. I loved my winter walk across the bridge. Thanks for bringing back the memories of Jan 2011!

  17. This also fits in with this week’s Grid photo challenge. Nice photographs. And thanks for stopping by my challenge.

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