Grabbing hands

Who is this?

And what does it mean….?


Little Jack a 5-year old boy sat perched up on his living room windowsill while his tired mother laid asleep on their leather couch after all the hard yard work she had done that morning. This was a favorite spot of his; from here he got a great view of their beautiful garden that his mother toiled with pride to keep up.

The fountain in the yard was a spot that the birds frequented to get a drink and dunk and roll around in the shallow birdbath. This seemed to be Jack’s time pass especially when his mother would watch TV, or like today rest, soon she would have to be busy fixing supper before dad walked in from work. Suddenly, Jack jumped off the sill and ran to the back door. What was he up to now? As he opened the back door the reason was abundantly clear, it was the voices from behind,

It was John, the kid that lived in the back. Jack ran over to the fence and peered through his tiny spy hole where he usually watched to get the scoop about his neighbors. Being the only kid at home, perhaps he envied John-he had an older brother and sister-there seemed to be never a dull moment and today was no exception. But today, there were other kids, kids he had never seen before… jumping, hooting and hollering. The enticement for Jack to crash the party and join in was getting harder and harder to resist. Finally after a few minutes the temptation was to hard for a little boy to resist. Jack had to get their attention, so he yells, but gets no response, the yelling and screaming was to loud for Jacks shrill voice to be heard it seemed. So Jack finally made the decision to climb the fence and join in.

All the kids were enjoying themselves playing in the yard when suddenly one of the older kids entices the kids to take a walk in the woods close by-to pick berries and to shoot squirrels and birds with his catapult-so they all began to run to the woods. Very soon they were going deeper and deeper into places they have never been before.

By now Jack was getting tired and started to walk slower than the others and soon lost track of them. This was turning into a nightmare for Jack, lost in the woods he was getting scared. Tears rolled down his cheeks, as he sobbed for mom. What was he to do? His tired little body grew so week that he decides to lay down under a tree. As he wept he fell asleep under tall oak trees. Suddenly, loud heavy thunderous footsteps jolts him awake, what he sees is a giant hand reaching down to grab him…

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13 thoughts on “Who is this?

  1. yeah…that’s creepy all right!!! The photo and the story.

  2. Heather on said:

    Oh, that’s awesome!

  3. I have nominated you for the Premio Dardos Blog Award. Feel free to join or not, it is totally up to you.

  4. Kreng Jai on said:

    Wow! Kept me on tenterhooks 😁😊

  5. I like the story but the photo is amazing!

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