Great Sculptures of India- Belur

Great Sculptures of India-Belur

The Chennakesava temple

The Chennakesava temple

This Vishnu temple stands as a testimony of great Indian art & architecture. It was commissioned by King Vishnuvardhana in 1117 A.D.

This is the cover for a photo-journal that I have put together. I have it in the Apple book store and will be available on amazon within a week. It is about 84 pages or should I say 42 full-page spread of just photography. I have depicted both the inside and outside of this temple.

Take a tour with me and see this temple through my eyes. I shot the entire place with only the available light. The insides had absolutely no lights, the only available light was the day-light streaming in from the windows and doors of the magnificent masterpiece.

For those  interested, I will give you more links and information. I am thinking of giving  portions of the earning to the needy cause, I just haven’t decided which cause it will be, so please stay tuned.

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19 thoughts on “Great Sculptures of India- Belur

  1. Kreng Jai on said:

    Been there as a kid and that was long back😃😕

    • Just perhaps it will bring back old memories…..I have a few shots of this temple, but the book has some nice ones. some have a collage of pictures.

      Thanks for stopping by!!!

  2. It’s an amazing door. Congratulations for publishing a book.

    • Thank you so much. I have a few photos of this temple on my blog, but the book has some very interesting one.

      Thanks for stopping by, don’t be a stranger come more often.

  3. Very few people go to Halebid and Belur, I am very curious to see your 42 pictures of it! for what I remember it is pure stone lace… but one should stay cautious with memory…

    • Thanks for stopping by…..Yes it is an all stone temple that is laden with sculptures. And I will keep you informed. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  4. It looks beautiful!

  5. Stunning picture … and of course congratulations on the book. I am sure it will be a feast 🙂

    • Thanks for your wonderful comments….I think I put an enjoyable photo-journal together for others to imagine what it would be like to walk around both inside and outside, I also felt by looking at photographs I could transport you there to get a feel of the people at this temple.

      It is really is a stunning piece of art. In a way this is a tribute to the architects, engineers and above all the sculptures that put so much into it. It took over a hundred years to be completed.

  6. will look forward to seeing your journal! Fantastic door!

  7. Nice to see your photos of Belur temple. I also visited this temple in 2014.

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