Sunset in Long Island

Sunset in Long Island

Watching the sun go down…..

As I drove along Ocean parkway in Long Island, N.Y. which is a   thin strip of land along the ocean, I could see the sun setting and this is what I  captured which I am sharing with you. This a place I frequent even in the winter to find my center.

I hope you can get the feeling I got that evening as I watched the sun go down that evening.

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45 thoughts on “Sunset in Long Island

  1. Lovely captured. The red colour is amazing.

  2. I made that ride many years ago. Thanks for a beautiful reminder.

  3. Love this glorious sunset capture!! Too beautiful!

  4. beautiful choice for the prompt 🙂

  5. Great colors! I love the way the light plays in the clouds. Very nice shot.

  6. Awesome picture!!

  7. Moons ago, I was born on Long Island…never got a shot of the sun that good, though!

  8. That is an amazing sunset, one of the best I’ve seen yet. Many of your photographs remind me of spices, the colours are so vivid and warm.

    • What a huge compliment that is,thank U so, so much!!
      Your generous words are encouraging, that can sparks new horizons. So, thanks again it is worth a billion.

  9. Beautiful capture. I find the photo calming so can imagine how lovely the spot must be in reality.

  10. I don’t get to see many beautiful sunsets in the middle of the country, outside the city, no water or mountains around, etc., but yes! – I WAS able to get that feeling from your excellent photo!

  11. So stunning. I love the way the glowing orange light is at the centre of the drifting clouds. The water is so still holding the space. What a wonderful view. I can see how this is a beautiful place to find centre in. Thank you so much for sharing this gem 😉 a total treasure

  12. This is an absolutely stunning photo. I could certainly get my center looking at that. 🙂

  13. Bravo! I can now appreciate why you consider this to be your Muse. It is an inspirational setting. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Oh, that is very nice. I love sunsts, and sunrises, for that matter. You captured the moment very nicely.
    Also, I want to thank you for visiting my DOOR challenge and liking it. Consider yourself liked, as I cannot get Like to work for me.
    I saw your door challenge on the cover of your book and liked that as well. 🙂

  15. A wild sweet tangerine.

  16. Stunning! 😉

  17. Tina, The Bo Bina on said:

    What a beautiful photo! I used to enjoy the sunsets in Malibu during my 40 years living in Southern California, but I had to go and fall in love with someone in Tennessee! LOL 💝

    • So……do U like Tennessee?
      Well, if U don’t then there is a sacrifice U have made. It looks like it was worth it.

      Thanks for stopping by…..I just love the sunrise and sunset over the oceans horizon. There is something so, so magical.about it.

      • Tina, The Bo Bina on said:

        I love Tennessee in the fall, winter and spring – not so much in the summer cuz I can’t stand high humidity… lol

      • Me too, humidity is suffocating, New York is know for it-at least sometimes-in the summer.

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