A colorful lineup of saris

Lines of Color

Saris at a sari-shop

A sari is the attire of an Indian woman ranging for simple cotton to elaborate silks with gold and silver treads. The Sari usually are about 4 feet wide and 6-9 feet long. And if you look closely the way its worn differs from region to region. And if you understand the nuances of style you can tell where they are from and of course the quality dictates the status and place in society.


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58 thoughts on “Lines of Color

  1. Helenmb on said:

    How colourful!

  2. wow, great and magic mood. Brilliant colors! ..like a portrait.

  3. This photo is absolut stunning!!

  4. Wow I had no idea about the nuances the fabric shows. Beautiful image and the layers of the garments are reflected in the description. A perfect rainbow.

  5. Bravo! I love textiles and I absolutely love this photo! What a brilliant shot especially suited to this particular challenge!

  6. Nice lighting, just enough to highlight the fabric

  7. FLYNN on said:

    Reblogged this on The Blogging Path.

  8. Remarkable image!!

  9. This photo sends shivers. How rich and warm the colors are.

  10. Fabulous light and colors.

    • Thank U so. so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment…..I’m glad you liked my post. Please feel free to dig deeper into my blog there might me more you may enjoy.

  11. I didn’t realize that the way saris are worn varies by region. Beautiful shot of beautiful fabric!

  12. Very nice and beautiful take on the prompt 🙂

  13. That is just ONE GREAT IMAGE! I would say stunning, but someone else already did. I’ll say sophisticated. Is this in a shop, or your place? Did you set it up, or take it in situ? Did you edit it? Lovely…

    • Very glad you liked it, I kind of set up the lighting after seeing the way they were laid out I had to give it some extra effect.
      Well…..for the most part I take several shots and check my lcd screen. Yes some post should always be there. Not much though….mostly the contrast and then bring out the colors. I think mastering post-production is as important as the planning and snapping the picture.

      I would think they are all part and parcel of the art of photography, don’t you?

      • Very cool. And yeah, I think you’re right about post-edits. I have LightRoom on my laptop, but don’t know how to use it!! Don’t even know how to put a photo into it. And I was weaned on film, actually slide, photography where what you snap is what you get. But I see what people are doing these days, and have to agree with you about edits. So…I have to spend some time learning LR, I guess.

      • You are on the right track. Every thing is a learning curve these thing takes years of practice to become really good. There is so much you can do and so so much to learn it will get your head spinning.
        Any way there should always be a starting point. Your photography are good so start the journey.

      • First steps…hate them!

      • I don’t know if you have heard the story of the crow that wanting to drink water from a bucket of water that was 1/8th. full, He sit and thinks, and suddenly he comes up with a bright idea……the crow “why don’t I fill the bucket with small pebbles”….. so he begins to pick up pebbles and starts to drop it in one by one. He goes on and on and on, I guess you get where he is going with it!! Finally all his hard work and patients pays off he has filled the bucket and now the water has reach a level where he can sit on the rim and drink.

        Soon you too can become a master, just keep dropping those pebbles, finally but surely it will bare fruit.

      • Well, that is just very sage advice, mister. Persistence.

  14. I had a similar idea, was trying this out with the my scarves, but the prints and patterns interfered with the flow of the colors.
    These sarees definitely look more elegant and beautiful. The lighting creates a mystery around them like they are sharing a secret 🙂 or just waiting in line to be sold…to soon dangle from a hanger in another closet or on another line wire and make new friends and share more secrets 🙂

    • This is such a poetic comment, so dramatic and romantic in a way, I’m so comforted this picture drew up such an imaginative story.

      Thanks for visiting, please come again.

  15. Wonderful capture!

  16. very true, i believe it——– its such a graceful dress and gives woman an elegance and beauty who wears it—– love saris—-wore them for years

  17. Excellent shot and interpretation!

  18. Best interpretation of this photo challenge. Cool.

  19. The light and color is exquisite. So glad I’ve run across your blog.

  20. This is a grand rainbow shot.

  21. That one ray of light always makes a difference. Remarkably captured here, it leaves us in a mystery of what is not seen.

  22. That is very cool. What great lighting. Nice job.
    Thanks for dropping by my Symbols challenge.
    My Like won’t work; otherwise I would have like this. Sorry.

  23. Mind blowing and loved it.

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