Gilco beach tunnel

Thru the tunnel

Painted walls

The tunnel to the beach in Long Island, New York, It is called Gilgo beach.

I just love watching the waves wash ashore. It is a rhythm that can be hypnotizing and I don’t mind being under its trance.

And on the other side this is what you may see on certain mornings at the crack of dawn.

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33 thoughts on “Thru the tunnel

  1. Kreng Jai on said:

    I would love to be there😟 have a great day 😃🙏

  2. I love this picture! I remember walking thru this tunnel on the way to the beach as a teenage. It’s such a great perspective and totally brought me back there. Love your site.

    • Nice to hear from a long Islander. In fact I kind of had a thought run through my mind, that some one would say that they had been there. How and why I just don’t know, isn’t that amazing. Thanks a million for stopping by.

      • It brought back some nice memories. Thank you

      • Thanks so much for your comments……And by the way are you a Long Islander?

      • Yup! I hope you don’t mind,I shared your photo (with proper credit) on my facebook so all my friends from L.I could see it. Everyone I know growing up has memories going thru that tunnel and hearing their voice echo. Pretty cool

      • Great, thank you so much. Believe it or not when I was posting this picture I had a strange feeling that people are going to say they have been to this place and are going to comment on it.
        I have posted so many photographs but this particular one I felt that way. Amazing !!!

  3. Beautiful images, both words and picture.

  4. So like your photo and your words here. But first, I must say thank you for stopping by and Liking my “On the Way” poem and photo. I believe you’ve stopped by before? I must admit, this is my first time on your site and it is amazing. New to this blogging world (March), I am most happy about the Return Policy that seems indigenous to the process … as in I get to meet fascinating people each morning, over my early coffee. This time, here I am! Yes indeed, I also find the rhythm of waves absolutely fascinating, intoxicating, and hypnotic! Perhaps that’s why we stay in Provincetown, Cape Cod MA two weeks each year. The place we rent has a deck which the high tide laps at twice each day….the header photo of my blog is sitting on that very deck. And there’s a Cape Cod photo page also. You are so right to describe waves in this way…..but then you juxtapose it with this amazing seemingly “land locked” photo! Love the positioning! And now I’ve scrolled down a bit and found the broken yolk on the eggs benedict picture — great response to the Broken photo challenge. Your creativity shines through in your choice of photos, the composition of the photos, and your creativity in defining “broken” in this way. Excellent! I do hope you’ll stop by again…..since you travel between NY City and Bangalore, have you seen my poem and photos on Wondrous India? I was fortunate with my previous job to travel several times to India (Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai) and just fell in love with the country — and especially its people and culture. My job took me across the globe….and I must admit, one of the aspects of globalization I am disheartened by is the “sameness” that is encroaching. Thailand’s huge malls that look like every other mall anywhere — India’s move to western clothing — China’s destruction of the Hutong district for “progress”. The modernity of cities always jars past culture….it is the way of the world, I suppose. But I do so appreciate the cultural aspects. So — I thank you for your photos and words this morning! And isn’t that the beauty of the blog world? That it makes you think and expeience beyond our own four walls! Have a wonderful day and do stop by again, perhaps follow, or not, as the spirit moves you!

    • Thanks for you lovely comments. I agree with a lot you say about globalization. The next time you go to India you may want to visit Mysore, much more laid back similar to Bangalore without the traffic.
      I am going to visit your blog another time and take a closer look at your posts.
      Thanks again for visiting. Please come again.

  5. It’s about sixteen years that I don’t go to NYC .
    Thanks for the suggestion and for the beautiful photo. As soon as I get back there I will “discover” the tunnel and try to make some shoot like yours.

  6. wonderful!!! There is mystery in it and I love the light!!

  7. Wonderful, haunting shot. Love the murals on the walls yet the tunnel evokes a lonely feeling as well. I grew up on Long Island and am sure we visited Gilgo beach (was big for surfers back then). Jones Beach also was a favorite in high school. This photograph brings back memories…There is nothing like the ocean. It is both hypnotizing and comforting.

    • Wow, thats amazing there have been a few that have recognize this spot. I just love the ocean and in fact I saw one surfer at the beach the other evening.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  8. I love the beach and I love these old, dank, painted tunnels that remind me of my childhood (not on Long Island, but still a great memory).

  9. AMAZING photograph!

  10. Fabulous photo, love the VW bus, we used to have one of those, great for summer beach trips.

    • Thank U so, so much Jean I just love this beach it is a small underpass to the beach. This particular post brought back memories for some that visited my blog. It has such an organic feel and look to it.

  11. Edysmar Diaz-Cruz on said:

    I long to have an collection of photopraphs as beautiful and as extensive as yours! I love this particular image because of the silhouette. It brings about many questions from the curious: who is he? why is he there? why is he alone?

    The beauty of photography lies in the fact that the camera captures a fraction of the story, only to leave us wondering about the rest.

    I think you do a great job of doing that in this picture.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks for your wonderful comments. Yes I felt the same way…..In fact there is a link on this post that takes you to the other side. Which may answer some of the question.

  12. Hmmm, I really like this; I could write a story.

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