Sunrise first peek of the sun

Sunrise on a Saturday Morning

Getting the First Glimpse of the Sun

What a glorious sight it was….The Sun rising early in the Morning in Long Island, New York. At 6,21 I caught the first glimpse of our magnificent source of all life on earth.

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76 thoughts on “Sunrise on a Saturday Morning

  1. This is a beautiful shot!

  2. absolutely stunning!

    • WOW…I’m flattered, you are a Jersey girl, so you must have seen many of these.Thanks for visiting.

      • Ha! I am a Jersey girl, but these scenes never get old! You’re funny!

      • That’s because the things we see has a fresh voice speak to us ever so deeply, invoking those memories we cherish so dearly.

        U R right the oldest thing in life, the universe can never get old. It has that mysterious spell that we can go to, even in our darkest times and be healed.

        What I failed to communicate in my comment was the NY where I live can not see the sunset over the ocean.

  3. Really nice photo!

  4. That is so beautiful 🙂

  5. That is beautiful. As many times as I’ve been out to Long Island I have never once visited the coast.

    • Well, you did today…just kiddin!!!
      NY in on the east coast so you have to get up early to capture this sight.

      • I know, I live in Maryland. My family is in Mineola. So I get up there frequently. I seldom go up there when it’s warm enough to head for the coast though.

      • You should get up real early and watch the sunrise, especially during the spring after a long hard winter. You will be there all alone communing with the awesome wonder of nature. The sights and sounds are breath taking.

        I just LOVED every bit of it!!!

      • That is how it was when we went to Ocean City (Maryland) a couple of weeks ago. I went out there for the sunrise, but it was so nice and peaceful. I loved every freezing cold second of it lol.

  6. Awesome capture….

  7. Really beautiful colours.

  8. That’s the winner so far this week! Wow!

  9. like an alien landscape- gorgeous!

  10. Beautiful shot of a gorgeous sunrise – and there’s nothing better than a south facing beach!

    • You are very right..extremely observant of you, I had to kind of turn to my left to get the shot. And I had to also wait for the waves to score a design in the sand.

      Wow, really I keep learning something every day. Thanks you pointed it out to me. Now it is a little more clearer.

  11. Beautiful photo.. beautiful place…
    I wanna go there! 😀

    • This is quite a complement…thanks a million, and sure be my guest any day. By the way, don’t you live by the water? If you don’t you are missing the wonder of the ocean.

  12. Wow! That is indeed inspiration to get up early in the morning 🙂

  13. Lovely capture. The foam creates a beautiful line for the eye to travel along.

  14. Extraordinary shot 🙂

  15. I love following the line made by the froth of the sea foam. It makes a wave all by itself. Just shows that early risers get the best of the day. What a beginning. Beautiful.

  16. That is just so beautiful!

  17. leticialullabies on said:


  18. Love that sliver of red, especially since we on the west coast only see it over the sea at dusk.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it. We get the sunrise in the east-NYC- and the west coast gets the sunset. Only the tip of a peninsula can see both the sunrise and sunset.

      Thanks for your comments.

  19. Breathtaking! Makes me want to get up early one day just to experience this myself. The detail of the foam left behind by the wave and the colors are amazing. This is definitely a photo to frame and sell.

  20. That’s a stunner!! Makes getting up early special!! 🙄

  21. Great shot there, well done.

  22. Miami/Key West sunrise/sunset claim to be best in world. Thanks visit my blog.

  23. love the line of seafoam adding contrast and definition to this image.

  24. Blobally on said:

    I miss the sea so much, you make me miss it even more!

    • The vastness of the ocean in all its splendor soon showed me how tiny I am, and as the sun was coming up the amazing feeling was beyond description, but lucky for me I part of it.

      Thanks for your wonderful comments.

      • Blobally on said:

        From the Himalayas, I’ll tell you, thank you for the glimpse of shore.

      • I hope you are safe after all that has taken place over there…And thanks for your wonderful words, in fact I have a lot of photographs that I shot in the south of India. Please feel free to wander through my blog.

  25. Fantastic sunrise. At the same time that you were enjoying this, someone was watching the sunset on the other side of the planet.

  26. Amazing shot…well done.

  27. Terrific photo – often when taking sunrise/sunset photos we tend to forget about the foreground, you’ve got this one to perfection!

  28. The moment I click on the title and saw this picture, it just simply took my breath away.

  29. absolutely stunning ♥

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