Face without your eyes

A face without your eyes

Have you got there yet!!!

A space and time we all may experience sooner or later….the dreaded spectacles, The worst  time is when you misplace them…Oh boy!

Share your experience…..I’d LOVE to know what transpired. And if you can’t make this out you need a pair of glasses.


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34 thoughts on “A face without your eyes

  1. Catch 22: you can’t find your glasses because you can’t see them because you don’t have your glasses on. Been there, had that problem. Clever choice!


  2. I got my first reading glasses at 46. The optometrist said any time after 40 is a bonus. Now it is multi-focals. I see everything clearly, except when I take them off to clean them 🙂

  3. One time I was looking for my glasses only to discover i was wearing them:) Have to just stop and laugh.

    • Did you have it flipped over you head? That is one way you could have them on you and look all over for it.

      • No – I was actually wearing them. When I woke I must have put them on while grabbing my cell. While talking on the cell I totally forgot that I had already put them on and walked around the bedroom looking for them. It wasn’t that I couldn’t see it was the distraction of the cell that made me forget I already had them on. lol That darn cell can be distracting. Have a wonderful day!

      • That is really funny….LOL!!!

      • Yes, better to laugh at one self. I do the same thing with the cell phone. Look for it while I am using it. My adult children find this hysterical until they discovered themselves doing the same. It just depends on where we are focused. It gives us a good laugh in the meantime:)

      • U R cute and funny….LOL!!! Hysterical really….

  4. I agree with Janet and a lovely choice for the challenge 🙂

  5. I keep misplacing them daily 😦

  6. LOL – I keep a pair in every room and never leave the room with them on. It’s a pain but the only way I can avoid losing them!! It’s a true curse isn’t it?!

  7. LOL at this post, I have felt your pain! I was always misplacing my glasses! Am glad to say that I need them no longer! I wore glasses all the time from age 5 to 13. At 13, my Dr. said that my eyes have improved enough to just use them for reading and computer work. Did that til 2012. Had to get cataract surgery in my one eye. It was a rare, fast growing one. Well after taking the cataract out it made that eye near sighted while my other eye was far sighted. The Dr. informed me that I was a rare patient, LOL! He said you don’t usually have that happen, but it made me happy cause no longer did I need glasses for reading and computer. They balance each other out now 🙂 Now I will add tho that if I am in a room that is not well lighted and trying to read that it is somewhat harder. Anyway cool pic and good luck to you!

    • That was such an amazing set of circumstances that you have gone through. Life can be strange.I loved your story, so interesting. Thanks for your complements and comments.

  8. Great idea for this post!

  9. very nicely done, again!!

  10. Very clever! Hit the nail right on the head ( if you had your specs on) in terms of the photo and the title. Thanks for visiting my post .

  11. I keep losing mine! It’s so clever how you put the arms of the spectacles in sharp focus and soften the part with the lenses. Gives the illusion to me of the spectacles looking into a hazy distance. The glasses sees what the eyes do without the sharp focus. Super clever.

  12. I lost mine a couple of months back – they dropped out of my pocket into the footwell of a friends car. I got them back a week later – fortunately I had an old pair which were good enough to get by.

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