Wall of Graffiti


A Long Wall of Graffiti

Someday walking around the streets of New York City you find stuff like this. And I wonder how one would react when one arrives the next morning and finds the wall like this, or perhaps, on a Monday after the weekend is over.

I’d LOVE to get your reaction.


Wall of Graffiti

This wall must be about 60 to 70 feet. Click on it to get the a better view.


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61 thoughts on “Graffiti

  1. My reaction? Wow!It would be interesting working along a Wall like this…. I only hope the pavement is in a good state of repair as I would be looking at the wall all the time and not where i was going!

  2. I’d be late for work! So much to look at–this is awesome!

  3. K'lee L. on said:

    I’m curious if the same artist did the entire stretch? It’s magnificent. Here in San Francisco’s Mission District there are tours given for the fantastic walls of graffiti art. It has to be seen to be believed.

    • These artist have such a vivid imagination and a keen eye for color.

      Thanks for chipping in.

      • K'lee L. on said:

        Absolutely agree with you and thanks for sharing your find with us!

      • U R Very welcome. Feel free to dive deeper into my blog…you may be pleasantly surprised. I have over a years worth of work.

        Thanks again.

      • K'lee L. on said:

        There’s no doubt I’ll be back. Your blog looks very interesting! Like you, i too have over a year’s worth postings (February anniversary). My early work is admittedly somewhat ‘light’, but I enjoy learning and expressing what life teaches me so hopefully my newer works have a decidedly more ‘complete’ feel. I invite you to take a look or read at your leisure.

      • Yes, I will, perhaps later this week. Thanks for your invite.

      • K'lee L. on said:

        Certainly, and thank you for your invite.

  4. This is how graffiti should be! Amazing!

  5. That’s really great graffiti. A blogger from NY had told me today that the city missed graffiti grandeur like the one I shared form Amsterdam. I need to give your URL to her. Thanks. Beautiful shot.

  6. I would be amazed and thrilled! Such vibrabrance and color added to my daily walk to boredom and drudgery…love it.

  7. We have quite a bit of this around Richmond. Some of it’s very good, some not so much. Yours here looks pretty good.

    You “liked” this when I posted it, but I’ll put it back here again anyhow:



  8. my reaction is… wow! i love your piture πŸ˜€

  9. leticialullabies on said:

    Waking up to see this in your neighborhood is sure a way to unplug from the reality of the everyday life.

    • Isn’t life an illusion in really? Everything we do, see, hear or touch has already happened and not happening. For instance, when you look at your beautiful face in the mirror it is the reflection of you a tiny fraction of a second ago. What I mean to say, nothing is really what it seems like…so we may as well live in a wonderful colorful world in our minds, even if it doesn’t seem that way on the outside. And may be by doing so the hardships of live will be easy.

      Thanks for picking in.

      • leticialullabies on said:

        Yeah, our memories is our reality, which is the reason to create beautiful moments in our minds by processing things imaginatively.

  10. Wonderful photo…. I also have a fondness for the quirky art found in New York πŸ™‚ thanks for stopping by my blog πŸ™‚

  11. My reaction – Wow amazing art and a great picture.

  12. great 360 shot – cool how you got such long wall in a single image – brilliant – and cool art!!!

  13. There’s graffiti, and then there’s GRAFFITI. Stunning capture.

  14. I am nodding along with so many of the comments here, I would love to wake up to see an old grey wall full of drama and colour. It is a work of art for sure when done so well. Maybe busy cities push out a better quality of graffiti than others so. It’s amazing how a city’s style develops. Awesome food for thought.

  15. My first thought would be Wow! That is incredible!
    Then I would wonder – who painted this? How Many people painted it? How long did it take?
    I’m assuming it’s illegal to do graffiti of any sort, so this person/those people would have had to do their work under cover of darkness and Very Quickly – it’s mind blowing!
    I hope it stays…

    • I’m enjoying your comments…in fact a few days ago I saw a sign that said that GRAFFITI IS A CRIME. I should have take a picture of it, may be next time. Thanks for pitching in.

  16. I didn’t see the kid you captured in the shot at first. I saw him when I clicked to enlarge, and slowly scrolled from left to right. He just slid into view beaming like that. He adds to the graffiti.

    Good panorama.

    • It seems like U R the only one that noticed that kid. I guess you must have been the only one that enlarged the shot and scrolled across. I wonder why!!! I have had so many comments and you are the only one that mentioned it. Thanks for enjoying it. I think thats the way you can really get the whole experience.

  17. Personally, I seek out walls like this here in Los Angeles. It amazes me how fast someone, obviously artistic, can put up one of these professional-looking murals. I think a lot of abandoned or non-descript buildings here have been elevated to art galleries by this phenomenon. I love the one you are featuring. It’s beautiful!

  18. While there is no doubt many graffiti artists are talented I don’t think it gives them the right to spray any wall they like. When done right it looks great but some would not like this on their garden wall.

  19. imlostwithoutme on said:

    I see Jerry and Courage the Cowardly Dog here.

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