Apples from my garden

These were fallen apples from my garden that I made apple tartan for my friends and family.

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22 thoughts on “Apples

  1. Great image of apples from your own garden. 🙂

  2. I love this picture – you captured the tones of the light and the freshness of the fruit.

    • This picture was taken in the evening just before sunset, I was walking around the yard and right there under the apple tree were fallen apples, I picked then up, wiped them off… They looked so attractive that I had to take these pictures. Apples from your garden, sunset and a camera are a great combination to preserve the memories.And this is what I got.
      Thanks for your comments, I really relish comments like yours.

  3. Nice photo and I bet an even better dessert. 🙂

  4. Very beautiful shot. The light is incredible!

  5. Lovely! And nothing is quite as rewarding as fruit from your own labors! 🙂

    • Thanks for your wonderful comments. Yes, this is a tree that I bought from a nursery and did all the digging and planting… and now the fruits from that tree. A great rewarding feeling.

  6. It is lovely to see apples that are not glamorized for the supermarket shelf. These do look home grown and inviting.

  7. leticialullabies on said:

    I love the light and the whole composition. I could see this picture hanging on one of my walls.

  8. One of the best still life photographs I’ve ever seen, and they are more difficult to compose than one would expect.

  9. Lovely shot. Great lighting!

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