Lone woman

When I am alone


In a Contemplative State of Mind


Oh Secrets… where are you hidden within me?

Help me find you no matter how deep and buried you may be.

You maybe boons, triumphs or valor that I’d love to embrace, or…you may be dark, dingy, ugly torments that I find hard to prepare to meet.

Whatever or wherever you are… where did you come from? Are you hand me downs from generations and generations gone by? Or… could it be my own making? Or, perhaps… will I pass it down for generations to come?

Whatever they are… give me the joys that I may enjoy them now, and…and…grant me the strength, bravery and courage to handle the demons I may encounter that I have put off for too, too long.

For secrets that lay hidden can only be burdens for so long.  Expose them soon; please expose them soon, for it’s time to turn them into milestones. The time is now; the time is now… don’t you know, tomorrow ceases the moment we reach it!



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23 thoughts on “When I am alone

  1. Beautiful photo…It has a soothing effect that truly sets the mood for contemplation.

  2. beautifully written…

  3. love this…your thoughts and the photo.

  4. Great picture to go with the emotional poem

  5. leticialullabies on said:

    Your contemplating writing made me contemplate your photo.

  6. a beautiful contemplation in all ways!!

  7. Serene, beautiful photo, and a deep and powerful post. Thanks for a great reminder.

  8. This post is a breath of fresh air. Full of expansion and space for new ideas. A perfect read for a Sunday morning. Thank you.

  9. The photograph is so beautiful! The color of the water and its current are a great contrast to the stillness of the person on the concrete lookout. Your post that accompanies the photo is so deep and philosophical – contemplative, indeed! Excellent 🙂

  10. Love the photo and contemplation. I have been listening to the 2015 World Tapping Summit and bringing up some hidden secrets within. That is why I practice tapping and writing. I agree that hidden secrets, especially family secrets, become burdens. I have been wondering what secrets have been handed down generation to generation and now reside within my own grown children. We have been addressing some of those in our family as they rise to the surface through our genealogy search. It is not always pretty but necessary to move forward. Some of those hidden secrets are of our own making and we can revisit and release.
    Love posts that bring me to that place of contemplation.
    I agree – you should write more of these posts. Your photo was very fitting for the topic. Dark and light – the person contemplating small in comparison to the body of water and environment around her. Thank you for sharing! Love and Light:)

  11. Glad you liked my Gelada Baboon post. If you want to see more photos of my three weeks in Ethiopia, go to my blog posts starting around the middle of July 2014.

    • So happy you could stop by and drop in a few lines.I am going to visit your blog and look at your pics… And I’m quite sure I’ll be loving it. I will drop in a line or two.

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