A Green & A Red Tomato

I refuse to stand behind someones shadow

In life there are times when we may feel small, insignificant and over shadowed by a great big giant, but if we stop, think and look within we will soon realize that we are rich, ripe and full of potential.

All we need to do is step into the light and create our own shadow and not stand behind someone else’s.



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37 thoughts on “A Green & A Red Tomato

  1. Wow! what an innovative idea beautifully shot! Have a nice day, everyday of the week.

  2. wonderful! I love it.

  3. couldn’t have said it better myself….exquisite

  4. This is so very good!! Great thing to wake up to on a Monday Morning! Thanks!

  5. What a creative choice and thoughtful words to accompany it.


  6. Great post, both words and photo!

  7. What a great message, so creative !! Happy Monday

  8. Raconteur on said:

    Great post. I like the image but it would have been incomplete without those words. Superb!

  9. A tomato of any size this time of year is a real thrill. 🙂 Like your positive commentary.

  10. Just what I needed to hear today! Lovely shot.

  11. La chica que vino a la vida on said:

    Nice words…

  12. powerful! well done.

  13. Very well said as well as giving an excellent image to go with your words.

  14. Your pictures are beautiful.

  15. oh i love this!!!! bravo!

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