Happy New Year 2015

It is 2015 Happy New Year


All forms lead to One

Greatness around me and beauty with in, can make greatness with-in me bring beauty surround me.

Whether it is ice, water or steam these are the symptoms of a cause. Who is or who are the masters that holds the strings to those mangled souls is the question to be answered. Some say it is God; others may blame the others, while there are those that take the blame and say it’s me. So, whatever or whomever it may be, we need to soon clarify, as a society, or at least for ourselves.

When reasons become malleable we have a problem. Every tin-pot theory will clam a platform, creating more confusion to an unsettled mind. The moment will be transformed when we realize that temperature is the culprit behind ice, water and steam. Division for an empire is a boon, cause oneness can so easily be divided.

For it is when we find out who or what is that temperature in our lives we have solved the riddle and then comes the answers. Greatness around me and beauty within, can make greatness within me bring beauty surround me.

Happy New Year Gals and Guys….!! Lets figure it out…It can be done, _Oh yes, it can be done!!.


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6 thoughts on “It is 2015 Happy New Year

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  2. Such a wise post. You describe complex concepts so simply and accurately. Love the idea of looking out for when reasons become malleable. Wishing you a great new year!

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