Hindsight Visionaries

20/20 Vision

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Jim just couldn’t take his eyes off her, and so were so many at this fancy bar. Standing by the bar she literally let her hair down, taking her cap off her long black silky hair drops down her back. She tilts her head back and begins to tie it into a bun. The bartender on the other side of the bar exclaims, “wwwaahh… !” With a broad grin on his face asks the young lady, “What can I get you,” a pause “young lady”? She smiles and answers, “well, nothing really… a spritzer soda may be, I’m waiting for a friend, sooo…, after that.., I will decide.” With a dainty smile she unzips her black leather jacket and roosts herself on to the bar stool, as lonely eyes couldn’t take there eyes off of her, and Jim was one of them.

As for Jim the evening was extremely late and he had to get his ass out of there, but now there was someone he may have a chance to get to know. How was he going get her attention? What was he going to say? And how was he going to strike-up a conversation? Every cell in his body was loudly saying it; no heavy armor couldn’t have hide it. As he slowly made his way to the bar it felt like he was going to pull the trigger for the sake of his inner drives. But suddenly that dreaded thing called trepidation seemed to be creeping in, sabotaging what he really wanted accomplish. Well, shouldn’t he at least try, after all, at the most what could really happen! Only rejection may be, or is that so hard to take? Perhaps his past adherences of up bringing or was it the utter fear of how his parents constantly bickered and quarreled lay embedded in his subconscious mind, maybe he even doesn’t know, he just reacts to situation that he later may have to ponder as to why, and that’s exactly what happen, he leaves to bar and makes is way to the subway.


As he stood on the subway platform his began to dig into his bag as he swung if off is shoulder in front of him. And out came a pen placing in is mouth like a cigarette he was still searching for something. He looked puzzled and bewildered as he searched, finally giving up he zipped his bag and swung it back on his shoulder and began to look around the platform. What was he really up to? He now was at the garbage can with is hand inside retrieving something. It was paper, he began to un-crumple a sheet of paper just as the train had begun to march onto the platform.

Jim was scribbling something on this piece of paper, vigorously jotting down his thoughts, it seemed as though if he didn’t it would vanish and he wouldn’t ever get it back.

It 3 a.m. and he had to get at least get 2 hours of sleep, but Jim was busy rearranging what he written on a used laptop that had bought for a hundred bucks. Looking at the clock he hastened to type these words.

I pray for deliverance, oh dear God whether you really are out there I don’t know, but whatever is out there you have heard me now and then, do you hear the inner turmoil how ever soft or tiny it may be, hear me please, that thing that hears from beyond, for little things are so big for me.

Like 2 prizefighters in a ring, it is desire and inadequacy that being to duke it out. If desire wins it will reveal its true intent. But if inadequacy in the form of non-action prevails the results are quite another agony. You and only you are the judge and jury, I suppose it depended how we look at it, but if inadequacy victors the psychoanalysis begins, like a third person in ones head. The judge that resides within us all has beyond 20/20 vision, along with tangential sight.

We are driven by desires and passions, but beliefs we are taught hold us back. Who is right is the question! It is ok to be wrong but it is better to learn.

The painter’s brush paints brilliant vistas, the glorious mountains and tempting valleys can captivate the soul, but in real life the ups and down are a different story. It is torment; struggle and strife even in the very silly little things, they are daunting. We dramatize things that are trivial, or are the minor things major, who is the one to decide!

For in the world of hindsight visionaries it is the preponderance of all things that will set you free.

The foolish hold on to ego but the humble, well thy learn from masters to become it. Ego is not the source of strength but only the showing off of it, the true knowledge we derive is from practice. Hence hindsight dreamers hold on to it for there lies the quickening. We all can improve on this sudden hastening knowing and soon our hindrances are glorious steps to a horizon we have never seen or experienced. 

So very tired he had fallen asleep with his laptop on his crotch.



So very tired he had fallen asleep with his laptop on his crotch.





To be continued….


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