buddha's hand

The Coach

The Steps on a Journey

A Countdown or an Uptick of a career

A troubled coach sits in a locker room wearily among his team that is loosing almost every time they take the field. His worry goes far beyond him loosing his job, it is also his confidence, self-esteem and belief in himself. He had to stop the bleeding, what was he to do? With no answers he dismisses the group with only one thought in mind, he says, “dig deeper guy, dig deeper and if any one have an answer call me”-a long dejected pause-“this may be the countdown of my career.”  With that said they disassemble.

On that one night the coach had driven his brothers car into work and since his was in the shop for maintenance. He starts up the car and searches in the console under his hand rest, he finds a cd and he chooses to pop in it to listen.

He soon was on the expressway listening to no tunes but a fascinating take on the journey of life by Shaolin temple monk. This is a very famous Buddhist monastery in China. Here the monks start at the tender age of 4 or 5 and if committed leads to self-realization and mastery of the martial arts.

The talk goes something like this: –

Even the longest journey begins with that first step, for if you look at the enormity you will be defeated even before you start. Just take the first step and only be consumed with it and the next, because this transition-the first step into the second step becomes one and soon you can look behind and say, “wow!! I have accomplished a lot. Now the mind will realize that single step has become many, so it relaxes and grants you permission to keep stepping on.

The mind needs reference, for without it, it is lost. Since journeys are movements here are the steps you take, especially when you start with nothing. The minds fuel is feeling, feed it with nourishment it will flourish, feed it junk it will throttle.

When a passage is as light as a feather you have less to worry about, so here’s the list all you weary travelers, pay diligence to each and every one of them. Not one is greater that the other. Like spokes to a wheel when one break soon will another and with in the span of time they all will give.

To be light as the air you breath:

  • ·      Simplify
  • ·      Qualify the simplification
  • ·      Justify the qualification
  • ·      Qualify by irradiation
  • ·      Eradicate by realization
  • ·      Realize by observation
  • ·      Observe with purification
  • ·      Purify with self-realization
  • ·      Realize by simplification

Soon the mind learns focus, concentration, balance, clarity and tranquility. Its judgments are clear, relevant and true . Anticipation is no more a bundle of nerves but earn the ability to be agile, courageous and strong. For these are the traits of a warrior. A warrior with no malice, revenge, pride or pleasure to defeat and demean the offender. Soon a clear thinker understands that reprobates are filled with pain and bother. The noisy conscience is imbalanced and to hang on they need to lash out.


Do not give up any thing without realization. The value to give up should be through understanding and not some advise externally. Don’t be the monkey, they say to catch a monkey you place a banana in a pot with a narrow mouth, just enough for its hand to enter and when it grabs on to the banana it is trapped, unless it realizes the importance for liberty is to let go. Just as a little girl or boy that bears so much value to her/his doll or toy car, the value has shed when they are older.  No more is it ones center it is only a memory.


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4 thoughts on “The Coach

  1. this is a keeper. Very lovely. Bears reading and re-reading.

  2. “When a passage is light as a feather” …oh that is wonderful. Thank you for this excellent post.

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