In search of Starlight

In search of Starlight

John is by his front door sorting out his mail- separating junk and bills- with no real satisfaction on his face he shakes his head with dismay, he chucks the junk in the trash and the bills on one of the side table.

John is a part-time worker looking for a job as an architect. The phone rings and it is his old classmate Ted and he answers it.


John:- Hey how are you doing man. Its been months


Ted :- Been kind of busy with work

John:-  how is work? Do you like your job?

Ted:- work is coming along just fine and…. by the way, just got a promotion dude,

John:-   Good for you, luck bastard, and I’m still struggling over here.

Walking around his home he talks and is also straightening up his untidy living room, and after a long talk their conversation is about to end

Ted:- don’t forget give her a try

John:- Ok …Ok I’ll give her a shot. Ok bud, don’t be a stranger keep in touch……You know what…. I’ll call and let you know after I speak to her.

After a few days John goes in search of this woman.

He rings the bell and a woman answers the door

Starlight:- Welcome young man, take a seat. I will be with you shortly.

Room is dimly lit with smell of incenses John is checking out the room, as Starlight enters.

Starlight- I am going to give you some instructions to follow, so better pay attention.

A pause

Starlight:- name is?

John:- John… actually my friend sent me here.

Starlight:- fine, that’s fine… now, …SSShhh!! Be quite just follow my instructions, Ok!!

She looks stern and seems to have John wrapped around her fingers.

John nods in agreement. He looks like a primary school pupil in front of his strict teacher.

Starlight:- your shoes off and enter the room, and then take 2 $20 bills rub it between you hands crumple it and place it in the middle of the plate

The psychic is at the threshold inside the other room with the large plate in her hands. John removes his shoes, sticks his hands in his pocket to pull out 2 $20 bill does what she has told him to do and follows her into the room.

John looks dazed and just stands watching the lady go through her rituals.

The psychic mumblings to her self takes a seat on a large chair that rotates. She gestures with her head and eyes for John to take a seat across the table.

The lady has swung her chair around and has her back towards John.

John is just stunned at her antics, and after a few minutes John very meekly says

John:- Is this gong to take long.

Swing her chair around

Starlight:-SSShhhhhh!!! Don’t ruin my concentration

She swing back to concentrate

John is dazed, his eyes darting around the room looking at all these weird signs and odd shaped ornaments, and finally get infatuated with the crystal ball and as he is staring at the ball the woman turns around with her eyes closed.

She starts to slowly open her eyes and glare at John with eyes like witches daggers and then looks into the crystal ball.

She picks up the $ bills and sniffs it and sticks it in her bra strap. Sounding like she in an altered state


Starlight- You young man have had a rough life, this will continue through half of your life, …. And the next half….

Silence pursues…….John in deep suspense interrupts the silence

John:- Will the later half be better?

After a pause see looks into his eyes and with a smirk on her lips

Starlight:-Yes it will…. By then you will have gotten used to it.

I suppose just like a man thats  drowning can’t complain of the cold.



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4 thoughts on “In search of Starlight

  1. Uh! This is not what I had hoped for John. He needs a break. Good story.

  2. All kinds of charlatans prey on the unemployed, especially so in a time of depression, which is a normal part of the cycle of ups and downs this system puts us through. John should not have to face this alone. His plight should be part of all of us to solve. The answers are social and the ways to address them are political. Nothing has this to do with lotteries or clairvoyants.

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