Red-Fort, Delhi

The General and the Sepoy

An interview within

The Mind-Between the General and the Sepoy

The sage once said, much before he had arrived

He was once a battered soul

Struggle he did from time so, so long ago

General –‘Many battles lost in utter shame and disgrace

One couldn’t ever imagine the war could be ever won

But now, we must be there, a winner the way we sit at this stage’

Sepoy- ‘Not yet…not yet ‘cries the tormented side, saying ‘the end may be near but we are not yet there’

General ‘Just feel warm and happy for that’s what will keep us going

It is only the positives in spite of laborious toil through scuffles past’.

Sepoy-‘Many a time I tossed it in, giving up the fight, but you held on strong.

I am the General exalted and I am the lowest Sepoy

The day has to arrive for both to dissolve

That is the obstacle for one to over come

For when that is done, we have become

We melts as one and the two no more, one has won.

Meaning: We – meaning the General & Sepoy – melts as one and the two – that is the General & Sepoy – no more, the we becomes one the General & Sepoy amalgamates  –  the battle will bhas won- the conflict of an internal division. – the General & Sepoy –

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