A View of Manhattan from Queens New York


New York City in the summer.

I took these pictures in Queens New York, which is one of the five boroughs of New York City. Manhattan is where most of the action takes place– for those who don’t know much about New York City– Wall St., most of all fancy restaurants, clubs, museums, famous music halls, such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and of course all the broadway theaters, Madison Square Gardens where the New York sports teams play. Well, I can go on and on, I’m sure you get my drift. This is the city that literally never sleeps.

I have put together a slide show of the skyline of Manhattan taken from the Long Island City, Queens water front.  I do hope you enjoy my pics.


Weekly Photo Challenge

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29 thoughts on “A View of Manhattan from Queens New York

  1. Beautiful Photographs.

  2. Wow! Beautiful images of the city!

  3. New York is a fun place and the summer is hot hot hot. Great shots.

  4. Those are all gorgeous shots, and gives me a great sense of what you love about where you live! And thanks, now I too, have a good feel for that walkway photo on your WPC Shadowed post.

  5. Rejoysfull on said:

    There’s a river between Queens and Manhattan — see – I learned something. Great pictures too.

  6. I grew up in Queens and lived there for many years until I moved to Brooklyn about 2 years ago. I was raised in Southeast Queens, specifically St. Albans and Jamaica, Queens. For 22 years I lived in a housing development called Rochdale Village which is located near Springfield Gardens not far from JFK. Your photos are gorgeous.

  7. Your work is beautiful. I have enjoyed visiting your blog!

  8. These are pieces of art. Thank you. I have many good memories of Manhattan and you have helped bring them into focus once more. Thank you.

  9. My memories of Queens are of crew members taking me ‘home’ to their mother’s house for home cooked food! And of the area being a true neighborhood. Is that true now?

    • Queens is an area that has so many cultures amalgamating yet keeping to its roots.

      You can safely say that you can eavesdrop and here the sound of languages from every place on this earth. That goes for food also.

      • Thank you. One of the strangest parts I find about being older than dirt and having had an amazing cool life is that often when I call up a memory of a place I am so ‘familiar’ with, well it turns out it is no longer that place at all! While I know the only permanence in our lives is change, I am so fascinated with the concept of what we think we know! Then again, I love a mixed bag neighborhood of cultures!

      • You are so right…..Like Buddha said over 2000 years ago, that the only thing permanent is impermanence. And when you really sit and analyze life it really is an illusion. Nothing is really there. When realize something it is fleeting and has passed you by.

        Being in the moment is just observation of what is, without any judgement and when we accept this role there is no criticism, no falsehood. We become one with all things and thus the regeneration of the mind.

  10. Our son now lives in NYC! Soon, we’ll be visiting for the first time to see for ourselves! 😉

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