In the beginning

This is a blast from the past

A blast from my past

Muddy waters never run deep. Fear and ignorance lends ground for myth and  propagation. It seems to me that most established religions in its conception bore it self out of sheer necessity. Although I should admit, that a few were more genuine and true than most. I really don’t want to step in to prove which one is or if there is one better than the other. I will allow you to  judge for yourself , like art it is in the eye of the beholder. There is a saying in Hindi- it may not translate well but I going to make an attempt anyway there was one in a crowd that sees a sparrow rise and fly, and he exclaims in astonishment at what he sees. Some how it is the tone and not the message that is picked up and pass on, pretty soon the message gets discombobulated as it travels through the mob, the people at the other end look up into the sky, saying, a buffalo has taken flight! A buffalo has taken flight! Soon one should wonder where the real truth lives. Isn’t it all hearsay with someone’s great imagination to spin an amazing tale, or am I missing the point? Many years ago, in fact during the analog period, way, way back it the past century- later part of the 1900’s- before I being burdened with any real responsibilities. A friend of mine and I figured out a way to tune the guitar in a different way. It had a raga sound to it, like the veena, which is a South Indian instrument. With this sound I tried to imitate Alvin Lee, the guitarist from the band, Ten Years After. The speed at which he played just blew my mind, and I wanted to play like him marring this strange but melodious tuning of the guitar. Soon with a lot of practice I was able to make something. Turn my friends into ardent fans. We spent many a night playing into the wee hours into the morning. I remember one night when we were in that amazing state of mind-if you know what I mean- I suddenly got a flash while looking a Tai Airlines poster which was pasted on my wall and came up with my version of the creation. Here’s how it went. The introduction strummed with a soft plucking of the strings, I began to narrate my story. “All was pitch dark, no sound, no wind, no light absolutely nothing happening. But, there was just one thing, a sage, a great one mind you, dressed like a sanyasi, with a saffron loincloth, rudrakshi beads around his neck, mated uncombed hair and beard, but some of his hair  tied up into a bun and fasted with rudrakshi beads. Cool and calm he laid on a cosmic floor, about to awaken from his slumber. Very deliberate and really slowly he begins to rise, to sit down into a yogic meditative posture, ready to set up life in grand style. Every move takes eons; time crawled so slowly that even the tortoises couldn’t compete with him. Now he was about to take his first breath, and with one mighty pull from within he does just that, the rhythm of life has now begun. Finally at last the time has come for time to pledge itself till its last breath. The only thing left is for this lofty giant to breath out, and so he does. Everything you can imagine and more exists in this breath of his, it is the life force of all things. His mate awaits somewhere, way in the distance in the form of a huge temple with countless golden bells. His modulation over his action is impeccable. His breath greater than the highest force and softness of the lightest feather he bellows out the right frequency to ring his counterparts bells. This was cosmic sound of romance at a totally divine frequency.” Then I began to pick up the tempo on my guitar attempting to amalgamate the story and the sound as one. That was then and this is now, thanks to memory, we can always bring back the best of our past. Weekly writing challenge 

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