Eternal soul

Conflict of the You’s- Worlds Colliding

Conflict of the You’s within

Soon we need to accept that we all are in the form of the trinity-body, mind and soul- and if we realize that,  we are a step in the right direction. But, they are not equal and that’s where we are in a quandary.

Our body, it is mortal. They say that in the process of birth we endures greater pain that death itself, which we avoid.                              The ternion of the body is birth, life and death, inseparable.  We all have seen all three, but only experienced life. Our coming in has no memory and our going out seems like the erasing of all memory. But in reality it is the mind that procures it all, revealing to us our past in the form of our follies and talents.

The mind depends on the present to make its future. It never wants to make the blunders of the past, but wants to profit from its talents, hoping to  the present is palatable. The constant anticipation of a great future gives parturition to our doubts, fears and constant deliberation as to, who, why, and where am I. The triad of the mind is the past, present and the future, seamlessly  dressed into time.  Its goal-the mind- is to get the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We love to read, listen or watch a vibrating drama. We are willing to enjoy the rush of adrenaline through our veins, but never in real living , and then we ask why we never get the prize.                                               This is where our duality is born. We dodge pain and go out of our way to cuddle pleasure the two pillars of our worldly existence. This is where the two you’s collide, this is the mother’s milk for the cycle of life to keep on spinning.

Eternal is the birthright of the soul, it is silent, never emphatic. One would wonder why this part of us never shakes us up and whips us into shape, and soul confabulates to the higher parts of our mind, saying, “I am constant, eternal, indestructible why should I fear. I have no end nor did I have a beginning. I am willing to wait you out until you have learnt all your lessons well. Have no fear, for the course you have taken is the one meant. Beware of self-doubt; for falling and missteps are part of growing, at the end you will arrive even if it may seem an eternity”.

When and Why the 2 You’s collide,

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2 thoughts on “Conflict of the You’s- Worlds Colliding

  1. myreflection2 on said:

    Profound article. nice read.

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