Empire State Bldg

Student, Teacher

Student, Teacher

Teaching and learning is like the rhythm of breath, and when we begin to harness its power we begin to grow.

By abandoning the façade of our false ego will we arrive at the doorstep of true understanding.

Deep within our selves there is no Guru or disciple it is only observation. Like light and water for a plant, we need passion and desire to forge on through.

So keep on examining and you will find that you are the teacher and you are the pupil.   The greatest leader is you and the humblest follower is you, but come to the table with no bias, just observe, for soon the eyes of the soul will adjust to the darkness and begin to reveal what is there.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Who is the true Guru ?

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7 thoughts on “Student, Teacher

  1. This is a wonderful post. It reminds me of the letter I wrote to my teacher http://circlesewnfromsquares.wordpress.com/2014/05/05/for-s-t/

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