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Great Expectations

Great Expectations

Once we are born death is inevitable and the impositions of others in the form of the expectations that are thrust upon us. Other peoples expectations of us sends us off in another direction, that we soon may abandoned our own dreams and adapt someone else’s  dreams that we are forced make our own.incubus. Expectation can be like a mirage, when we get there it is gone. As children it is the hopes of our parents or is it the unfulfilled dreams of theirs that we have to shoulder, so  lets not be surprised when our lives turn into perfunctory chores.

We are told never to drift off into that wonderful thing called fantasy-land. Why? I suppose we have to conform to the rigors of society, and soon before you realize, the child becomes the adult and repeats the same sentence on their kids, but only with a new twist. It is in fantasy where creativity  dwells and through this creative process will there be an expansion of the inner being.  It is only the ones that are knowledgeable  that can break free from the expectations of others and live up to their own expectation. For  here lays that chance to realize that so-called Great Expectation, which is of our own. For  It is known as-how to live in the moment-after all, nothing is the same from moment to moment. Remember the earth is in constant motion and we are on it and that thing called impermanence is permanent.

Try being in the moment…. So easy to begin, yet arduous to maintain.

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6 thoughts on “Great Expectations

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  3. And what has happened to those expectation upstairs? Excellent!

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