Valentines Day

My Funny Valentine

It is Valentines Day, Wow!! Things seem to be going his way, could it be that redhead across the street that Shah-Jahan Williams secretively admires?

Shah-Jahan, a preppy Singaporean attends a top Chefs school in Hyde Park, New York. Expecting a large inheritance from his rich dad, he has plans to start his own chain of restaurants after he is done with school. But today, it is the day for lovers and Shajahan is wishing… wishing so hard he would find her or perhaps anyone to fill in this lonely night. He was going out with some of his buddies from school tonight.

New York can be very cold in February, but Shah-Jahan seems to love every thing about this place, in fact anything American-blue jeans, cowboy leather boots, the Harley, and his lovely antique Ford mustang convertible, just to name a few. In spite of the chill in the air Jahan was out inspecting his pride and joy-the lady in black as he refers to his mustang- Just as he is about to get on his knees to whip his wheels, the woman that lives across the street enters the quite cul-de-sec, parks her car in front of her house and begins to unload her groceries. Jahan noticing her gets to his feet and with a shy blush, waves at her. “I’m freezing” she says, after a pause, “aren’t you feeling cold”, he just grins and say, “happy Valentines-Day,” “how sweet”, she says in such a seductive tone, and continues, “thank-you, same to you”, while an overjoyed dog waging her tail jumps upon her, “Daisy, get inside,” looking at Shah-Jahan she say, “the latch on the gate is broken, and girl is getting out, I have to get it fixed fast.” It seemed like an invitation, was Jahan ready to accept it? Or was he reading too much into to a casual remark… or…, wait, she needs this latch on the gate doesn’t she or else she could loose her dog!! “I can help you with it” he says, “you are such a sweet guy, well, I may take you up on that, this latch needs fixing, pronto. Bye, see you later” and hurries through the opened gate to enter through the rear. Jahan, just couldn’t resist, “why don’t you come over and we can talk about it”, and just before she disappears, she replies “I will…I will, ————,———-“ the last part he just couldn’t catch on, it didn’t matter, this was more than enough, he was elated, the expression on his face said it all, he was grinning from ear to ear. I bet you, he would give up his friends for a night out with her. My, My, he just couldn’t wipe the beam off his face. He chucks the soiled rag to the corner of the garage and enters house, gets a beer from the fridge and stations himself at that usual window that he watches her almost every day, today seem to be a step in the right direction for this latest heartthrob of his. A few minutes has gone by and he is still peering through a slit in the curtains, when suddenly her door opens and she walking to her car, Jahan is literally racing for his leather jacket, puts it on and runs downstairs, picks up his car keys and hurries through his open garage and jumps into his car. He backs out of his driveway and pulls-up next to her car and rolls down his windows. She is so busy digging through some stuff in the back seat she doesn’t even know he is there. Finally, she notices him and smiles, “out on a date?” she asks him. He begins to stutter and begins to look for the right words- perhaps to impress her, his heart must have skipped several beats- finally, “I’m going to the store, aaa… do you need anything?” “Roses”, she replies and chuckles, at which time, way in the distance you could hear her phone ring, “oh, that’s my phone” leaving everything behind she runs inside. Was he to stay or should he leave? He was certainly a dilemma- is he acting desperate? Is he coming on too strong? Or, is she really digging him, should he make the move? May be she is a cock teaser? My, my what is he to do? His head must be exploding with questions, and after months of peering through the curtains of his window, all those fantasies are looking like reality today, and it is Valentines Day!!

After a couple of minutes he gets himself together and puts the peddle to the metal and shoves off, and next he finds himself in a shopping complex, his eyes darting around, what is he thinking? Finds a parking spot and enters a card store, his eyes wandering not knowing what to buy, he can’t make up his mind-he doesn’t want to blow it, but finally a decision, he yanks one out-the card-and goes to the checkout. He cannot forget the roses now, she asked for it, fortunately for him, he remembers, he notices the roses on his way out. As he is checking out he asks the girl “how many roses should I take” not quite understanding his question, she says, “what do you mean?… As many as you like, Sir.” He then clarifies, “I mean for Valentines Day, how many do I have to take?” So she says, “Please ask my manager”, “To hell with it, just give me this bunch,” he says, she replies-“ Ok…it’s a dozen, Sir”, she also must have noticed his nervousness, and smiles and says, “is it your first date?”, he looks at her bewildered, “I don’t know” the clerk had a quizzical laugh and takes his money and very carefully hands him his things. “Best of luck” she chuckles as Jahan leaves the store.

He has finally turned the corner and is on to his dead-end reticent street. Suddenly, his heart must have stopped beating; her car was not there any more, has she left, or has she put it somewhere else!!. His face fell the floor; he sat in his car, just so, so depressed. Really, this couldn’t get any worse, after all this; he had just revved himself up for nothing. Well, that’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes. What is he to do? Disappointment he drives up to his garage. In fact, he had left his garage doors wide open; any one could have walked in and cleaned his home, but lucky for him nobody seems to have entered.

Entering the house he hears his phone ring, so he hurries to pick it up by the garage, but by the time he could answer it, they hang-up. Jahan goes to his refrigerator and gets himself a beer. Swigging on his beer he begins to go to his bedroom, after all he has his evening all planned out with his friends, hopefully he should find someone there. So he proceeds to his bedroom to get ready and leave, when he suddenly sees one high-heeled golden slipper tossed at the bottom of his staircase. He picks it up and is amazed, how could this get here? Who’s is this? He has seen a ton of Hollywood films, so you can imagine what is going through his head, perhaps, this belongs to a beautiful woman, her feet well polished, painted and manicured, let your imaginations run wild just as his fancies are running wild. Is this what he was expecting in America. Movies make the inconceivable happen, after all the grass always looks greener on the other side. Jahan can’t believe his very eyes, he starts to walk up the stairs, and finds a red negligee on the top of the steps, and by his door her black panties and her bras ripped. What is he to make of this, is it that hot lady across the street; he doesn’t even know her name. WOW, this is America!! He was shaking in his pants- It is like oxygen, we need it to live, but if we get too much, it can kill us- the way he was behaving, he must be praying and asking God “OH, GOD!! This fast, so much all at once!! MY GOD, please save me I just cant handle it any more”. This classy acting dude was shaking like a leaf.

Finally, after a while he gathers himself runs back to his car and picks up the roses and the card, he is back to the emotional highs like he once was, he probably feels quite certain this must be the lady from across the street, ‘Oh My, Oh My’ this is really amazing, he begins to gather him self and make his way upstairs. He finally has made it, he enters the room, tip-toeing to his dresser in a dark room, placing the roses and card on it and turns on the light. And whom does he see…

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