1000 Words


This is not a prescribed religion it is only a method to figure out your own mind; any one with regular practice can achieve it. Let me warn you this is not for the faint of heart, because you will stand face to face with your own demons, buried somewhere deep in your sub-conscious. Your only weapons will be:-

• Will-power

• Drive

• Determination

• Focus

• Concentration

• Desire

• Passion

So saddle up and lets take this journey!!!

Emptiness- On one-end lays the greatest achievement of all time, but on the other end sits hopelessness, and that is my friends, NIRVANA vs. DESOLATION. In other words the emptiness of mind is NIRVANA which I explain as we go and the emptiness of possession with an attachment to it is DESOLATION, otherwise known as misery. In no way am I saying we have to leave our present lives and wander off into the wilderness, this process can be achieved in our very present situation. The born-again comes later, here we understand and then follow, not the other way around. There are no emotional sermons, with that soft moving music luring you to surrender to any thing. This is a process every individual has to journey to reach. Just as no one can breathe for another, each one has to do it for him or herself

The true achievement of this state is through the mind; it is the total understanding of ones-self. Like two sides of a coin, one goes along with the other, viz. Nirvana and Misery. I used the word Nirvana because it is the most commonly used word for the high we all crave. Hopefully this colloqualized phrase will bear its true meaning in my article. You may substitute it with what ever word you want.

This dialogue I am about to have with you is very subjective, it is like catching the air, how ever nutty that may sound. Some may understand and agree with it, some never understand and attempt to understand, while there are those who are entrenched in their own beliefs and may never want to understand. However wherever we may stand regarding this subject, I would like to begin.

Take for instance an impoverished, homeless man; we would describe him having nothing. No home, his only possessions would be the cloths on him and the stuff he carries around. Many of us would call this emptiness. Yes, this can be a form of emptiness but the problem is that his mind is over worked worries dominant his preoccupied mind. He can never be free, he is locked in his bubble that is so easy to pop, but for him it seems an impossible task. All he has to do change his paradigm. I can see him turn around and smack me in the face. Well, that’s how a simple thing can be so complicated because of the faculties of the mind; it can free us as much as it can jail us.

The process is free, yet very simple and because it is that naive, it is very, very complicated, and for those that want to play along, please follow carefully and may be I will be able to convince you of the facts.

This is the exercise:- First, think of one thing, just one thing only, say for instance our breath. Yes I mean the air that you breath in and out of your nose. Observe the breath going into your lungs through you nose, get into it very intently observing every action the involuntary action we take for granted that our body do, then notice the breath expelled out to keep the mind busy observe each and every movement, because very soon your focus that you think is so easy will not be that easy after all, this mind of your will wander with out your permission. Like a monkey that jumps from one tree branch to another- our mind wanders from one thought to another-restless, bearing with it feelings and emotions. When we analyze thought, it is a memory and all memories have embedded feelings and emotions travelling with it. One may argue that the future is not a memory; it is the planning of something new. Yes that is right, but it is all from some thing you have seen in the past. If you don’t agree, please and pause give it more thought. No pun intended. Like for instance you saw some one play great basketball so you want to become a basketball star, that is something in your past that you observed which became a memory. So you are basing you future on that memory. I hope I have clarified the future with this example. So let’s move on, the ability to master pure contemplation of just one thing for a sustained period on a consistent basis-meaning every day-forming a habit, can one cross over to that state of nothingness or shall we say emptiness. This achievement for any one would be remarkable. For this is where everything is, this is NIRVANA, that void that most think is death, loneliness resides in the process of empting the mind of its contents. This is the rejuvenation of ones self.

It is only through the chaos and total failure that one reaches that so called state-nirvana. When desolation sets in some desperate seekers find this very strange place in our heads, at which time we are then brought to that threshold where we stand at the brink of that ultimate state of mind-sanity or insanity.

Regardless which side you eventually will be, the pain is mandatory, the journey that has been made this far will bring you at that fork in the road when it will be your will, determination and honest efforts that will initiate you in the direction you deserve.

For now the realization comes, that the empting of the mind is the most difficult thing to achieve, for this is where nirvana lays so comfortably on a pillow in heaven! My heaven is only a figure of speech; you may fill in what ever suits your fancy. But for those who fall short it is a longer journey, like being stuck in pit where the digging should stop, and strive to climb out should begin, remember it is only your hard work, determination, discipline and don’t forget silly…keep it simple, it is not complicated, first one thought, then…empty out that one thought and then there are none. For this is the empting of the mind…. NIRVANA!!!

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