Snap Shots Of The Mind

This week Writing Challenge: Snapshots. This will be my first

Welcome to the digital age, with a camera in so many hands today we have turned into a picture and video crazed society, snapping shots wherever we go. With so many self-appointed photographers, filmmakers and journalist, we don’t see an end in sight. So, let us for a moment step back and attempt to keep the Sabbath holy. Not in the literal religious sense, but I’m meaning to say is, just take a break to smell the roses.  What are we doing this for, is it because we have become junkies, or, are we tired of the monotony? Who or what are we going to fill this void with when we refrain from this snap shooting craze?

The curiosity for most of us following along is what is going to fill the vacated action of refraining from taking pictures. Some may take the lead as suggested in the article to observe the beauty around us, while some may not even noticed that they have fallen into old habits that their camera replaced. My suggestion goes deeper, and may be in doing so we can find your true self that is covered with all this stuff that defines us, rather than we defining ourselves.

Start examining your self much more innately, for then, and only then, do we begin to observe that the mind is never going to stop this mindless babble, jumping from one thought to another, we may have stopped snapping shots with our fingers, but have we stopped it in our heads? Observe it more closely now, and what you will see is that we have not relinquished any thing, the mind is busy clicking away in the form of thought. It continues with no end, and unless we are able to still this inner dialogue the ripples never allow us to sense the inner greatness, beauty and glory of ourselves. Observing the beauty of nature is amazing, but the recognition of our inner being is the greatest.

So learn to master the quieting of the mind, for this where real transformation takes shape, because that’s where all wars start. A picture could mean a thousand words, but a few words of profound meaning one could reach enlightenment.

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4 thoughts on “Snapshots

  1. I love the last line.

  2. Very cool. Love the composition and the colours.

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